Why choose Mosaic

At Mosaic Financial Partners, Inc., we work with clients who want financial advice from someone that cares about the whole person, not just the portfolio.

We are a San Francisco wealth management boutique providing both financial planning and investment management services to individuals and families since 1987. We currently manage over $600 million in assets on behalf of our clients. 

We are an independent, fee-only fiduciary, meaning we have sworn to put the interests of our clients above all else.

The foundation of our work is our individualized financial planning process, which allows us to get to know each client’s unique personal and financial needs and offer fully customized advice. This understanding allows us to create an investment management strategy that integrates your finances with the rest of your life, creating a rich mosaic of what is truly meaningful for you.

Our team includes Certified Financial Planners™, Certified Life Coaches, an Accredited Domestic Partner Advisor, and a Chartered Life Underwriter. Many have unique specialties such as handling employer stock options, Social Security, Medicare, alternative investments, marriage, divorce, LGBT planning, property casualty insurance and financial coaching.

Our focus is on the whole individual, to provide advice and service that will help make for a happy and successful life. This is what sets us apart.

Collaborative Approach

We believe that good advice takes into consideration the context of your total circumstances. As a Mosaic client, you are served by a team of professionals who are committed to understanding what makes you uniquely you, and providing you with advice that is right for you, personally. Think of us as a partner in this process.

We work with you to define the direction you want to take and create a plan to help you see it through.  Together with you, we clarify your goals and the expectations you have for growth and risk in your portfolio. We provide guidance, focus and discipline so that you're ready for whatever comes next. Our goal is to develop a sound financial plan you can live with now and well into the future. We provide regular reports and meetings to check in on progress and economic factors along the way.

This collaborative approach to investing is the best of both worlds. You are always in control of your assets. At the same time, you have an expert advisor to provide you with the best choices and help you see it through.

Whether it is managing your investments or addressing a financial problem in your life, we expect to be ready and able to help support you so that you have all the resources you need to make the best decision possible for that set of circumstances as well as your greater life's endeavor.

Mosaic Financial Partners takes a collaborative approach to wealth management.
We get paid to align your interests with ours as closely as possible; we're a fiduciary.

Fee Only

How we get paid is designed to align your interests and our interests as closely as possible.

Many advisors have inherent conflicts of interest which arise from receiving commissions or referral fees for specific products such as annuities, insurance policies, or investment products. This means it is difficult to be sure they actually have your best interests in mind when they give you a recommtendation.

At Mosaic, we get paid in only two ways: 1) financial planning, which is billed as either a project or an hourly basis, and 2) fees calculated as a percentage of your assets for investment management services. These are all contractually agreed on up front, and we provide you with clearly outlined invoices on a quarterly basis. The only way we get paid is what you pay us directly and transparently.

We receive no product commissions, get no referral fees or kickbacks, and have no relationships that pay us in some way other than the transparent one we have with you and our other clients. We are a fiduciary, sworn to put the interests of our clients above all else.

What does this mean to you? Since we have no hidden agenda or incentive, what we recommend to you is solely because we think it is best for you. It’s the only way we know to be sure you can trust our incentives to offer you the best possible advice we can come up with.

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For 30 years, the Mosaic Financial Partners team has been helping people just like you through a collaborative approach to financial planning and investing. Started in 1987 by Norman Boone, CFP®, Mosaic has become one of the leading advisory firms in the country. We are headquartered in San Francisco, with an office in Walnut Creek, California.

We have, over the years, led our profession in a number of ways: our focus on continuous financial planning and the importance of life issues to the success of a plan; our early entry into fee-only services, our fast adoption of ETFs as an alternative to mutual funds, our use of investment policy statements with every client, our emphasis on international diversification and the growing inclusion of alternative investment strategies in our investment portfolios.

The company began as Boone & Associates in 1987 and has evolved over the years. In 2005, we changed our name to Mosaic Financial Partners, Inc. to better express our core approach to working with clients:

  • Mosaic because we work with the many pieces of your life, integrating them into a meaningful whole.
  • Financial Partners because it describes our relationship with you—working together to help you attain your goals.

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Mosaic Financial Partners is a San Francisco wealth management firm.
Mosaic Financial Partners is a fiduciary that values personal relationships that we build with clients and professional contacts.


We believe that you are unique, and that you have challenges and opportunities that make your needs different from everyone else’s. We value the personal relationships that we build with our clients, because we view financial planning as a lifelong process. As we work with you, we take the time to get to know you and your circumstances.

We meet with you several times in the first year of our relationship, to collect and review data and go through the key parts of your financial life and the elements that either you or we think need to be reviewed. After clarifying a direction for where you want to be, we will build a financial plan to help get you there.

Investing well is also critical to your success. We develop a fully customized Investment Policy Statement, which serves as our agreement to be followed as we take care of the day-to-day management of your investment accounts. Regular and consistent communication ensures that urgent needs are addressed in a timely manner.

As you encounter changes in your life, we will be there to coach you through these transitions, and adapt your financial plan and investment strategy to the new landscape of your life. Because we put time into learning about you and your concerns in life, you can be certain that our advice is always what we think is in your best interests.

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Commitment to Service
  • We serve our clients well and seek ways to create client delight

  • Service: Be responsive, be anticipatory, be respectful, be accurate

  • We give back—to our community and to our profession

It's Our Passion, Not Just a Job
  • We are fully engaged

  • We continually strive for excellence

  • We take initiative

Intellectual Curiosity
  • We are driven to understand

  • We are continuously learning

Responsible Stewardship
  • We put our clients’ interest first

  • We work at being great teammates with one other

  • We help each other grow and succeed personally and professionally

  • Our decisions and actions support Mosaic and its success

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Mosaic's values are at the core of our San Francisco wealth management firm.