What We Do

Comprehensive Service

As your personal Chief Financial Officer, we take care of the details of your financial life so you don’t have to. Mosaic’s continuous process ensures that you have the information you need to make good decisions all along the way. As life changes, you’ll be able to stay on top of it with confidence, always moving toward your goals. Combining both financial planning and investment management into a holistic wealth management process helps you get to where you want to be.

Here’s how our comprehensive, personalized service works:


Continuous Process


Initial conversations and meetings help us learn about you, your needs, concerns, and goals. They also give you an opportunity to learn about us and our processes. 


We work with you to gather information about you, your finances, and what you want out of life. Together we will take the time to fully understand your priorities and the direction you want your life to take. There are a few questionnaires to fill out, too, but we promise to use your time efficiently. We want to fully understand your priorities and direction so that we can give the best possible advice.


As we carefully consider your situation we will develop options designed to help you achieve your goals. We’ll give you choices. This is the beginning of the overall plan we’re developing for you, one that will be updated as your needs change. Utilizing coaching tools, we are equipped to handle your emotional relationship with your money, including helping partners find a shared vision of their future together. Mosaic’s use of coaching tools to assist with forming strong financial habits is a unique distinction among advisors.


Over several meetings, we’ll develop and discuss specific recommendations for you in many areas. We’ll address your questions and discuss the implications of our ideas so that you are clear about the steps to take to achieve your objectives. We use an investment policy statement as a tool to create transparency into our actions.


We work with you to implement your strategy. This will include help with executing the agreed-upon steps and developed plan. We’ll also coordinate with other Mosaic specialists and outside providers, if needed. You’ll have the benefit of our proactive focus on the important aspects of your financial life. Over time we’ll address different areas such as investment updates, insurance reviews, estate planning, college savings plans, and more. These may involve meeting with your other professionals, such as your estate planning attorney and CPA, or we may help you find the best specialist for your needs.


We’ll continuously follow up with you to keep you accountable to your own goals and dreams. When circumstances change, we’ll be here to help you find the best new path. You’ll receive comprehensive reporting, so you know where you stand at all times.  Throughout our relationship, we’ll be your thought partner and wealth coaches helping you stay on track to achieve your version of success. We’re dedicated to keeping you updated on all the pieces of your life.  That’s why we send a quarterly newsletter, a quarterly Market Watch, and update our blog regularly.