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Sabrina Lowell is a senior advisor and COO at Mosaic Financial Partners, a San Francisco wealth management firm.

With fifteen years of experience in the San Francisco wealth management industry, Sabrina’s mission is to help clients feel like they have a solid framework for making informed decisions during times of transition.  Focused areas of practice include comprehensive financial planning, Social Security and Medicare planning, along with a personal passion for working with young tech executives, and for helping couples of all age and stage communicate openly about their finances and their shared financial goals.

Sabrina is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC). She received her BA in business from Principia College, holds a Certificate in Personal Financial Planning from the UC Berkeley Extensions Personal Financial Planning Program, and a Certificate in Professional Co-Active Coaching from the Coaches Training Institute, as accredited by the International Coaching Federation.  She has also taken classes through Golden Gate University towards a Master’s in Taxation.

Sabrina was part of the inaugural InvestmentNews 40 under 40 List (2014). She received the Financial Planning Association’s (FPA) Heart of Financial Planning Award for San Francisco (2014) and National (2015) for representing the FPA’s core values in her profession and community. A long-standing member of the FPA, Sabrina has chaired the FPA Experience Conference (2013) and spearheaded session tracks for the FPA National Conference (2007, 2012). She twice chaired the FPA NorCal Conference (2010, 2011), served on the national Consumer Advisory Group and the Professional Development Advisory Group task forces, and has participated locally on the SF FPA Career Development Committee and SF FPA Speakers Committee. As a past president of NexGen, a national organization supporting young and emerging financial planners, she also chaired its national conference (2008).

Sabrina has given financial planning presentations pro bono for Earned Asset Resource Network (EARN). She regularly serves as a mentor for the “SF FPA Practicum Project” and for the Financial Planning Residency Program, as well as volunteers annually for San Francisco Financial Planning Days designed to assist Americans in need of financial guidance through a series of free Financial Planning Day events. Sabrina is a board member of the Junior League of San Francisco and sits on the Standards Committee for The Olympic Club.


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NerdWallet / April 24, 2018

Need a Gift for a College Graduate? Consider a Roth IRA

If youd like to give the gift of financial literacy to a recent grad, show them the power of compound interest and gift them funds to open their own Roth IRA. (They'll have to open the account themselves, but it's still a powerful present.) Syndicated to SF Gate and Market Watch, among other publications.

Sabrina chimes in: 

[S]it down with your college grad to help open the account. Rather than an electronic funds transfer, consider writing a check — brokers such as Charles Schwab and Vanguard offer mobile deposit for IRA accounts — to make the event more significant, says Sabrina Lowell, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, advisor and chief operating officer at Mosaic Financial Partners in San Francisco.

“Give them a check to deposit so that it’s very clear that the account is going to be opened and funded,” Lowell says.

ThinkAdvisor / June 6, 2017

When it Comes to Advisor Tech, Size Does Not Matter

ThinkAdvisor magazine covered panel discussions at the FPA NorCals annual convention, and highlighted the presentation “Maximizing your business value, regardless of size,” which Sabrina participated in. The article quotes her throughout, noting that Mosaics “mid” size lends us a certain agility that offers control and flexibility for our firm and our clients alike.

Financial Standard / May 5, 2017

Mosaic Tailors Financial Advice for Women, Grows FUA to $800m

Michelle Baltazar profiles Sabrina and Mosaic for the Australian publication Financial Standard; the piece touches on Mosaic’s methodology, services, and designations, including the certified professional career coach (CPCC) designation, which Sabrina is currently working towards acquiring. Professional coaching designations are currently represented at less than 1% of US wealth advisory firms.

NerdWallet / February 13, 2017

Two Hearts, One Bank Account: Are You Ready?

This piece on how couples can begin combining finances by Melissa Lambarena has been crafted into a quiz for readers to gauge their compatability. Sabrina Lowell weighed in, noting that sharing credit reports can be an important step towards ensuring there are no surprises.

“Conflict arises when there’s a discrepancy between expectations and reality,” she says.


PayChex / January 4, 2017

Inside the Mindset of Millennials: What Every Advisor Should Know

Sabrina offers a wealth of pointers for advisors on the largest US generation, Millennials, in this interview with Lynn Brackpool Giles for the PayChex blog. Sabrina notes their strengths and differences from earlier generations; she discusses discrepancies in their mindset; she notes economic factors that have shaped their lifestyle habits - all elements that advisors should address. 

“They are very tech-savvy, educated, and are information gatherers,” she observed. “They’ve done their research and focus on optimizing their savings and investments while keeping expenses down.”

MarketWatch / October 28, 2016

Financial Advisers are Missing the Mark with Women

MarketWatch recently hosted a symposium in San Francisco, which featured a panel discussion titled, “The X Factor - Retirement Matters for Women.” In this follow-up article, Robert Powell outlines key takeaways from the panel discussion, which featured Sabrina Lowell.

Powell notes that Sabrina's comments accurately depicted a unique challenge for women when it comes to risk:

“Financial planners, I think, are really good at running the numbers, and we can say here’s what you need, here’s what you need to do, this is your financial risk capacity, either the risk that you need to take on or that maybe you don’t have to take on,” said Lowell. “Then there’s the sleep at night, right? So that’s the emotional risk tolerance, and I think that’s the discussion where there may be some differences, and sometimes that means that the man may be more aggressive and the women may be more conservative.”

MarketWatch / October 26, 2016

Getting The Most From Your Financial Adviser

In this video discussion led by MarketWatch Senior Columnist Robert Powell, Sabrina is featured as a planning expert on the challenges women face in saving for retirement. Sabrina explains how women can leverage awareness of these challenges into  getting the most beneficial relationship possible for themselves from a financial adviser. 


Nerdwallet / May 16, 2016

How Couples Can Master the Financial Balancing Act

What does an equitable balance look like, and how do you get there? This article will have you rethinking how you view 50/50.

Syndicated to NasdaqChristian Science Monitor, and NewsOK. Also seen on LinkedIn


Nerdwallet / February 3, 2016

How Breadwinning Women Can Have It All

Sabrina Lowell outlines a range of methods to ease the burden and smooth the days of women who are

breadwinners of their families. 

Syndicated to NasdaqNewsOK  and MarketWatch.

Nerdwallet / January 7, 2016

How Women Can Close the Retirement Gender Gap

Women have to be especially diligent about retirement planning. Sabrina shares 5 ways you can make sure you’re on the right path.

Syndicated to Nasdaq and NewsOK.


Nerdwallet / December 21, 2015

5 Ways Financial Advisors Earn Their Keep

Navigating your finances can be emotional, complex and confusing. One way to stay on track is to work with an experienced financial advisor. Hiring one may not be cheap, but it’s well worth it — especially when you need to set goals or understand how major life decisions impact your finances.

Syndicated to Nasdaq and NewsOK.


Nerdwallet / November 10, 2015

Time to Ask for a Raise? Smart Tips for Women

One of the best ways to exert control over your finances is to know and communicate your worth. Is it time for you to ask for a raise? Are you being compensated for your true worth? Sabrina offers pointers for women who are preparing to enter into this discussion.

Syndicated to Nasdaq.


InvestmentNews / September 17, 2015

Adviser’s Consultant: Hiring the best employees requires teamwork

Sabrina describes how to avoid a bad hire. This may seem like a small detail in the overal world of business operations, but a bad hire can lead to years of inefficiency or poor client service. Best to avoid the avalance of mistakes that a bad hire creates by refining and unifying your hiring process in the first place. 


Financial Advisor / September 10, 2015

Beck and Lowell Named Heart Of Financial Planning Recipients

In September,  Sabrina received the National Heart of Financial Planning Award for helping further the industry through development of educational content for conferences and mentoring.


Enterprising Investor / May 18, 2015

Better search methods can improve hiring outcomes

Sabrina Lowell, Chief Operating Officer for Mosaic, was interviewed by reporter Ed McCarthy about the search methods that help lead to good hiring decisions.

Financial Planning Association / February 23, 2015

FPA of NM Newsletter - February 2015 

Sabrina Lowell was featured as the keynote speaker at the Minnesota FPA’s Career day event.


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