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Norman Boone, founder and president of Mosaic Financial Partners

Norm Boone is the founder and president of Mosaic Financial Partners, Inc. Norm has combined an aptitude for financial matters, an interest in life coaching, and a fascination with complex family relationships to help Mosaic become one of the most highly regarded advisory firms in the country.

Norm has been consistently recognized as one of the nation’s best financial planners since 1994 by Worth, Barron’s and Medical Economics magazines. Norm earned his Certified Financial Planner™ professional; certification in 1984, after receiving his undergraduate education at Stanford University and his MBA in Finance from the Harvard Business School. He currently is a member of the board of directors for the Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Northern California. Norm has served as the co-chairman of the board of trustees of Saybrook University in San Francisco and as the treasurer of both the Harvard Business School Association of Northern California and the Harvard Club of San Francisco. He is a past President of the San Francisco Estate Planning Council, a past member of the national board of directors of the Financial Planning Association, and has served on the advisory boards of TIAA-CREF Institute, Schwab Institutional, and the San Francisco Foundation.  

Norm enjoys sharing his expertise and is a prolific writer. He has been a columnist for Wealth Manager and Technology Today magazines and has authored numerous articles in various publications, primarily on practice management and topics related to prudent investment practices. He is the co-author of the investment textbook “Creating an Investment Policy Statement—Guidelines and Templates” and founded the companion online software IPS AdvisorPro®.

Norm is the father of two successful adult children. His free time is spent playing golf and travelling internationally to far-flung locations on all continents of the world, including Antarctica and the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

In The News

Financial Planning / March 14, 2017

Advisers split on Morningstar's new mutual funds

Morningstar has long been known as an objective fund-rating firm. But that's about to change, as Jane Yi Zhang reports for Financial Planning. Norm weighs in:

Norman Boone, president and founder of San Francisco-based Mosaic Financial Partners, also called the offering a “poor move.”

“One of the reasons why Morningstar has been so successful is because of their independence,” Boone says. “Once they join the fray and become a competitor to those they judge and report on, they've given up their objectivity. I see this as a direct conflict of interest for them.”

InsuranceNewsNet / March 6, 2017

Your Clients Love ETFs and You Should, Too

Is this the age of the ETF? According to a recent study undertaken by BlackRock, it might just become so. Norm weighs in on what makes them increasingly attractive to investors and advisors in this article by Brian O'Connell for InsuranceNewsNet:

“The vehicle is not the opportunity, the part of the market that that particular ETF is choosing to focus on may be the opportunity,” said Norman M. Boone, founder and president at Mosaic Financial Partners in San Francisco.

That said, Boone does view ETFs as being “tax efficient” and being “easy to buy and sell.”

“You can also buy them at any time during the day, whereas mutual funds are priced and officially purchased at the end of the day, after the close of the market,” he said. “For those into trading on the ‘good idea of the day’ this makes ETFs attractive trading vehicles.”

Financial Planning / October 12, 2016

Should I... hire another planner?

Since founding the firm in 1987, Norm has strategically grown the team of what has become Mosaic Financial Partners to a staff of 18, and has seen his business thrive. He explains his motivation for hiring talent to Ingrid Case for Financial Planning magazine, noting that "I... have a lot more flexibility, because I have other people I can rely on when a client calls. When I can get away from things, I refresh, and the quality and creativity of my eyes increases." 


Financial Advisor IQ / September 16, 2016

The Elevator Pitch, Part 2: Keep It Simple

Norm shared his take on the elevator pitch with writer Thomas Coyle for this two-part article in Financial Advisor IQ.

"The head of Mosaic Financial Partners in San Francisco says he and his colleagues 'help people navigate their lives and make good decisions about their money.' This 'simple statement most often leads to other questions and a listing of their concerns, which obviously leads to more detailed discussion.'"


NerdWallet / May 18, 2016

What You Gain - And Lose - With a 15-Year Mortgage

NerdWallet asked Norm Boone and Kyle Morgan for more information about the pros and cons of 15-year loans. "It still makes sense to get the lowest interest rate possible," Norm said. "Whether for 15 or 30 years, why pay it to someone else if you don’t have to?" Syndicated to the Austin-American Statesman, Journal News, and NewsOK.

NerdWallet / April 28, 2016

Prince Had No Will, Reports Say - But You Should

"In the absence of a will, any friends, organizations or causes that Prince cared about will most likely be left only with memories. The same could happen after you’re gone if you don’t prioritize estate planning." Syndicated to Nasdaq, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, NewsOK and the Palm Beach Post.

RIA Biz / September 30, 2015

Schwab alerts its RIAs that it will liquidate client money market holdings by Dec. 1

Norm Boone is quoted regarding Schwab’s recent alert to RIAs regarding liquidating the money market holdings in their client accounts.


USA Today / September 23, 2015

Investment policy statement is like a financial blueprint: A how-to

Norm Boone discusses the importance and value of an Investment Policy Statement, and outlines its necessity throughout an investors’ lifetime.


Horsesmouth / September22, 2015
How I Use Stories to Inspire My Team and Gain New Clients

Norm Boone spins a yarn about the success of storytelling for both himself and his firm. 


fi360 / May 14, 2015
When does a client become a client?

Norm M. Boone illustrates how the client relationship is formalized through the IPS process.


RIA Biz / March 26, 2015

With apprehension in the air, Schwab invites its RIAs to a one-hour meeting about robo-advice

Norm shares some thoughts about drawbacks to robo advisor platforms.

“It’s not yet clear how this kind of offering is going to be able to fit into a service model we might consider,” says Norm Boone, president of Mosaic Financial Partners, Inc., which manages $575 million from San Francisco. “We know we won’t be able to compete on price because there will always be competition from other robo-advisors offering their services at basement prices.”


The Harvard Business School Association of Northern California / March 13, 2015

Setting up your own financial plan and investment portfolio

Norm Boone on how to set up your financial plan and how to maintain an investment portfolio for the Harvard Business School Association of Northern California.

fi360 / February 24, 2015

How Long Should An IPS Be?

Norm Boone shares his knowledge about the appropriate length of an IPS and what needs to be said and how detailed the discussion of the selected topics needs to be.


fi360 / January 27, 2015

How often should I update my client's IPS?

Norm Boone shares his knowledge about why clients benefit from updated Investment Policy Statements.


Founder and President,  Mosaic Financial Partners

August 1987 – Present

Member, Board of Directors
Harvard Business School Association of Northern California

2002 – Present

Shareholder National Advisors Trust

2004 – Present

Practitioner Financial Planning

1987 – Present

Co-Creator, IPS AdvisorPro

2002 – 2013

Co-chair, board of trustees,
Saybrook University

2004 - 2013

Financial Planning Advisory Board
Golden Gate University

2001 – 2010

National board member
Financial Planning Association

2000 – 2003