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Mary Ballin, CFP(R), is a client advisor at San Francisco Bay Area wealth management firm Mosaic Financial Partners.


Mary L. Ballin, recipient of the Women's Choice Award, has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. She joined Mosaic Financial Partners, Inc. in 2003 and was an essential part of the team who founded the East Bay office. Prior to joining Mosaic, Mary spent several years with Charles Schwab and Co. Inc. as a trader in Denver, CO and then as a Investment Consultant in Castro Valley. Mary’s extensive experience also includes corporate retail management, where as a store executive she helped lead the company’s regional store growth.

Mary specializes in working with women who have experienced a life transition, such as divorce, widowhood, marriage, or an unexpected loss. The vast majority of women are, at some point in life, going to be put in a position where they have to take care of themselves financially. As a result, Mary has a passion for providing education to women about a wide variety of personal financial topics. She and colleague Liz Revenko founded Mosaic Women’s Circles, quarterly gatherings where women come together to explore their relationships with money and learn from each other’s experiences.  

Mary is a member of the East Bay chapter of the Financial Planning Association.  A native of the East Bay, Mary is very active in the community.  Currently, she volunteers her time with Girl Scouts both as a troop leader and as a member of the San Ramon Service Unit as Membership Support Manager and Registrar.

In December 2008, Mary completed the Certified Financial Planning Board required coursework through UC Berkeley’s Personal Financial Planning program and in May 2010, she earned the right to use the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. She received her Bachelor of Science from California State University, Hayward in Business Administration and Marketing.



  • Women in Transition
  • Dealing with Debt
  • Family Needs (such as saving for college, and other needs)


In The News 

NerdWallet / November 22, 2017

How to Split Home Value in a Divorce

Mary weighed in on what to do with the family home after a divorce in this article by Holden Lewis for NerdWallet.

"Even in an amicable divorce, it’s wise for each spouse to order an appraisal, says Mary Ballin, a certified financial planner and client advisor for Mosaic Financial Partners, in Walnut Creek, California. Getting two appraisals protects both sides, as it’s unlikely that two appraisals would be inaccurate in the same way, she says."

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Financial Advisor / October 2, 2017

5 Signs Elder Care is Ruining a Client's Retirement

Americans caring for aging parents may neglect their own finances, writes Juliette Fairley for Financial Advisor magazine. 

“It comes down to being proactive,” said Mary L. Ballin, a financial advisor in Walnut Creek, Calif. “If adult children are in communication with their parents and visiting periodically, there hopefully won’t be surprises concerning the parent’s financial matters.”


CNNMoney / July 27, 2017

Should I Pay Off Debt or Save?

Tackling debt responsibly means you need to look at your overall financial picture in order to understand what to prioritize.  Writer Laura Sanicola quotes Mary in her CNNMoney "Broke No More" column on things to assess. Mary advises that starting simply is best: "If the debt is costing more than what you are earning, then prioritize paying [the] loans off."


Divorce Financial Analyst Journal / January 27, 2017

How to Keep Divorce from Ruining Your Client's Financial Future

In her first article geared towards professionals who assist divorcing clients, Mary stresses the emotional toll a divorce can take, and asks that this toll be kept forefront in mind while seeing to the financial planning necessities of divorcing clients. Clients may be traumatized, so professionals need to ensure they are seeing to tax and insurance elements as well as budgeting.


NerdWallet / October 31, 2016

Deciding What to Do With the Family Home After Divorce

The family house is an emotional cornerstone, but it's also an asset that must be objectively analyzed and divided when two people decide to divorce. Mary offers thoughtful tips on negotiating the key financial issues when considering what to do with the family home after divorce.  Syndicated to NasdaqSF Gate, My San Antonio, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Palm Beach Daily News, TC Palm, Palm Beach Post, Austin-American Statesman, WHIO, Journal News, NewsOKMetro, and the Women's Choice Award blog.


Reuters / October 13, 2016

The Millennial On Your Cellphone Plan is Ruining Retirement

The budgetary impact of enabling grown children can be eye-opening, reports Beth Pinsker for the Reuters Money section. Mary is sourced as an advisor who councils clients on this subject, and as one who manages it personally: "Ballin not only advises clients who are trying to get their "kids" off the balance sheet, but she also knows from experience. Her 21-year-old son is currently living at home, taking a break from college. Her strategy is to enforce a payment schedule."

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Nerdwallet / March 21, 2016

Women: How to Keep Divorce From Ruining Your Financial Future

Divorce has a way of hitting women hard. Research shows that they take longer than men to bounce back financially. Mary Ballin discusses major points women going through divorce must remain aware of in order to protect themselves and their families. 

Syndicated to NewsOK, and featured on the Women's Choice Award website.


Financial Advisor Magazine / February 10, 2016

College Debt Follows Clients Into Retirement

Our highly quotable Mary Ballin is featured in this eye-opening article by Maureen Nevin Duffy on the long term and far reaching impacts of student loan debt. Mary ends the article with a bang: “It's very important for parents to have that conversation... and not get caught up with the emotion of Little Johnny's acceptance to some Ivy League university,” she cautions. “That piece of paper with a pretty name can get you in an ugly hole.”


Nerdwallet / February 9, 2016 

Female Caregivers Must Care for Themselves Too

Mary Ballin steers the focus towards care for the caregivers, who often overlook self care. "It's important to include yourself in the list of people you're taking care of." 

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Nerdwallet / October 23 2015

First Step to Financially Independent Offspring: Create a Family Council

Mary Ballin and Ricci Victorio wrote about the importance of creating a family council to reach financial independence.

Also posted on Nasdaq.

Deseret News National / September 13 2015

What Financial Planners Teach Their Children

Mary Ballin was interviewed by writer Chuck Green in an article on Deseret News National about how and what a financial planner can teach their children.

Also posted on TimesReporter / Telegram.


San Francisco Business Times / March  26, 2015

San Francisco Women on the Move

Mary has been recognized in the San Francisco Business Times “bizwomen” section under “San Francisco Women on the Move” for her recent promotion to Client Advisor. 

Directions for Women / January 20, 2015

Why Are Women’s Circles So Effective?

Mary Ballin and Liz Revenko were recognized as some of the earliest facilitators for the national movement called Women’s Circles.


CNBC / January 26th, 2015

Risky Business: Gauging Tolerance of Market Volatility

Mary Ballin, a CFP® and senior financial planner with Mosaic Financial Partners, said investors' goals are sometimes conflicting. "You could have, say, [a retired person] who doesn't want any risk," said Ballin, noting that such a person's portfolio would be earning very little income because of the safety of their investments.


Client Advisor
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Mosaic Financial Partners
January 2014 – December 2014 

Client Relationship Advisor

Mosaic Financial Partners
September 2003 – December 2013 

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