Delegating your finances does not mean you cannot handle it yourself.  But there are many benefits to hiring an investment manager. These include:

  • Discipline - A thorough, consistent process
  • Objectivity - It’s not our money, so emotions don’t drive us
  • Insight - Our industry relationships expose us to new thinking and ideas
  • Experience - We do this for many clients and have done so for years 
  • Resources - We have access to investment products unavailable to the public
  • Time - To do research and monitor portfolios

OUR Investment Process

The focus of investing should be on achieving your goals. This is why our process starts with understanding your ultimate needs and risk tolerance. We take a long-term approach and bring common sense to the table. Our collaborative approach ensures that your portfolio is aligned with your goals and expectations for return on investments, management costs and tax efficiency. 

Our founder and president, Norm Boone, is one of the financial industry's leading proponents of using Investment Policy Statements to provide transparency and discipline to managing client portfolios. Mosaic's asset managers and financial advisors will develop the right mix of investment vehicles to provide you with a way to meet your needs.

To keep you informed, you’ll get trade confirmations after every trade, a monthly report from an independent custodian showing your account activity and your holdings, and then, every three months, you’ll receive a performance report that consolidates all of your managed accounts into one clear picture, to give you a sense of where you’ve been and where you are going.

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Our Investment Principles

  1. The focus of investing should be on achieving your goals, which determine your return target which in turn determines how much risk is necessary.
  2. The Asset Allocation design should be based on an optimal risk-return relationship, aimed at achieving the best likelihood of attaining the goals.
  3. Investing is emotional.  In an effort to avoid the big mistakes, it’s best to minimize emotional decisions, to stay objective.  To provide a roadmap for consistent future decision-making, every client has an individualized Investment Policy Statement.
  4. We carefully control expenses to help to boost returns. Our emphasis is therefore on low cost, well diversified strategies to help moderate volatility.
  5. We do not believe it possible to know beforehand which securities or asset classes will outperform; therefore, we choose not to pick individual stocks and we avoid market timing. As a result, we maintain diversification and a long-term strategy.
  6. Disciplined rebalancing maintains the desired risk/return profile and provides a systematic way to “sell high and buy low”.
  7. Multiple asset classes help moderate volatility. We implement through diversified asset class mutual funds, ETFs, and ETNs making use of a broad range of asset classes.
  8. Portfolios emphasize dimensions of the market that over time have historically provided excess returns, specifically value stocks and small company stocks.
  9. Income is derived from a portfolio’s total return (dividends, interest, capital gains) which takes advantage of favorable tax rates on capital gains and dividends.
  10. We seek to minimize taxes through tax loss harvesting, low portfolio turnover and strategic placement of tax inefficient asset classes in tax deferred accounts. 

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