Investment Management

One major difference between Mosaic Financial Partners and other wealth managers is that we are fiduciaries, meaning we’ve taken an oath to place your best interests ahead of our own at all times.

When we manage your assets for you, we make sure your investment plan is closely aligned with your values.  We utilize the Mosaic Client Process to ensure you receive an investment plan focused on achieving your goals.

We bring you our best investment thinkingMosaic’s experts are leaders in investment research and selection, using today’s investment tools effectively. Continuing education and industry relationships keep us at the forefront of investment thought leadership. Our evidence-based recommendations build thoughtful, diversified portfolios consisting of not just U.S. stocks and bonds, but also provide exposure to opportunities internationally, in real estate and attractive alternative strategies. We use an evidence-based, thorough process to manage your money prudently in all investment climates. What does that mean to you? Balanced long-term management, so you can sleep more soundly at night.

Collectively, we have decades of experience, through many market cycles, and with a wide variety of client situations and challenges. This enables us to see events with seasoned perspective, and helps us help clients accomplish tasks they don’t do well for themselves. Our overall goal is to give you the best chance to achieve the returns you need to realize your goals with the least risk exposure possible.

And: we keep in touch. We know it’s vital that we keep you informed and remain accessible. You’ll always know where your investments stand with frequent reporting and access to our Market Watch. When the markets get volatile, we’ll be in touch more often. Your peace of mind is always our focus.

Mosaic is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). To learn more about our RIA status, we encourage you to review our ADV, the full disclosure form required by the SEC.

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COre Investment Principles

Our core investment principles guide every personalized investment strategy we create.


Goal Focused.pngGoal Focused

We believe the focus of investing should be on achieving your goals. Your goals determine your target rate of return, which dictates how much risk is necessary.


Customized Asset Allocation.png

Customized Asset Allocation

Asset allocation should be customized to your individual needs and focused on the highest likelihood of achieving your goals.



Personalized policy statement.pngPersonalized Policy Statement

Mistakes from emotion-driven investing pose a significant risk to your financial well-being. We develop a personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) with you at the beginning of our working relationship. The IPS establishes what you do and don’t want from your investments, providing us with a customized roadmap to guide decision-making.

When markets become volatile, the IPS provides discipline, reminding you of your chosen directions, helping to minimize the inevitable emotions. It also brings transparency and discipline to the forefront of our relationship, helping to make sure we understand each other and have shared expectations.


Controlled Expenses.png

Controlled Expenses

We believe that what you keep is more important than what you earn. So we carefully manage expenses and tax efficiency to help increase your returns without incurring additional risk.


Consistent Approach.pngConsistent Approach

We do not believe it’s possible to predict which securities or asset classes will outperform; as a general practice, we avoid individual stocks and we avoid market timing. A consistent approach helps you achieve long-term success with your goals.


Disciplined Rebalancing.png

Disciplined Rebalancing

Regular rebalancing maintains your desired risk/return profile and provides a low cost, systematic way to continuously “buy low and sell high.”


Diversified Asset Classes.png

Diversified Asset Classes

Multiple asset classes help reduce the volatility of your portfolio. We implement this strategy by using a wide variety of diversified and cost-effective investment vehicles. We have access to unique investment products unavailable to the public that can help efficiently manage your risk.


Strategic Biases.pngStrategic Biases

We prefer to emphasize historically-proven strategies that have provided excess returns; specifically, we lend added weight to value stocks and small company stocks.


Tax Efficiency.png

Tax Efficiency

We seek to minimize taxes through tax loss harvesting, low portfolio turnover and strategic placement of tax-inefficient asset classes in tax-deferred accounts. 


Total Return Focus.png

Total Return Focus

 We focus on deriving your portfolio income in a tax-efficient manner, taking advantage of favorable tax rates on capital gains and dividends.

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