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Holly Gillian Kindel is an advisor at San Francisco Bay Area based wealth management firm Mosaic Financial Partners.

Holly has been facilitating crucial conversations about finance for over 20 years. As both a financial advisor and life coach Holly delights in helping folks live fulfilling and sustainable lives. She works best with innovators who are willing to explore the boundaries of what’s possible in their lives so they can create and animate the lives that reflect their own vision of happiness.

Holly is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute.  In 2015 she continued her work with Brad and Ted Klontz at the Financial Psychology Institute, and has recently acquired the Certified Financial Behavior Specialist (FBS®) distinction.

Holly is a member of The Nazrudin Project—an affiliation of financial planners and other professionals devoted recognizing the emotional and spiritual dimensions of money. Holly has expressed her talent for facilitating change in the community through her involvement with the Financial Planning Association (FPA) serving as the Chair of the San Francisco Chapter's Pro Bono Committee from 2005 through 2011. During her tenure the FPA forged close alliances with several non-profits including the San Francisco Earned Asset Resource Network (EARN) to provide high quality, conflict free financial planning to low-income households and increase public financial literacy. In 2005, she was honored to be named EARN’s “Volunteer of the Year.” 

Holly is an experienced educator and was recognized as Outstanding Adjunct Financial Planning Faculty Member of the Finance and Economics Department at Golden Gate University in 2007. She’s spread the good word in various ways either by contributing to or being quoted in the Chicago Tribune, Journal of Financial Planning, Financial Planning Magazine, Investment News, Investment Advisor, Inside Information, among other publications.

Holly has been invited to speak about a wide range of topics including the vital importance of financial planning for the working poor, how to forge career paths for new planners in a young profession, how planners can use coaching skills to enhance their client relationships, how spinning fire is a lot like having a money conversation and why you don’t want to risk a lot for a little by ignoring your property casualty insurance all across the country at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Financial Therapy Association, FPA Pro Bono Directors Forum, FPA Retreat, FPA SF Chapter, Far West Round-Up  and FPA Nor Cal Conference.

A California native, Holly enjoys practicing Ariel and Bikram yoga, appreciates most anything mid-century and loves to spoil her Chihuahua, Bamm-Bamm. No stranger to adventure, Holly has meditated with Eckhart Tolle at the Omega Institute, zipped on the longest line in Costa Rica and spun fire on the Playa.



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In The News

CreditLoan Blog / October 11, 2017

Newlyweds Guide to Merging Finances After Marriage

Holly's step-by-step guide to get the most out of money dates has been cited in Daniel Wesley's piece for CreditLoan on merging finances after marriage. 

San Francisco Chronicle  / July 1, 2017

Fannie Mae making it easier to spend half your income on debt

At the end of July, Fannie Mae's automated underwriting software will approve loans with debt-to-income ratios as high as 50%. Journalist Kathleen Pender captured Holly's response:

“Generally, it’s a pretty poor idea,” said Holly Gillian Kindel, an adviser with Mosaic Financial Partners. “It flies in the face of common financial wisdom and best practices.”

Kindel, the financial adviser, said borrowers should talk over such moves with a “financial thinking partner who doesn’t have a vested interest” in the decision. That excludes mortgage and real estate agents and even some family members.

Medium / June 22, 2017

Financial Coaching is a "Thing"

Saundra Davis, MSFP, wrote a thoughtful response to publicity around the rise of life coaching in finance. Her piece on Medium touches on the definition of financial coaching, and gives Holly and Mosaic a great shout-out for blazing trails:

Mosaic Financial Partners was a trailblazer in this area. As a financial planner at Mosaic, Holly Gillian Kindel, a CFP® and life coach has been integrating coaching and planning for more than ten years. Their description of services explains the importance of incorporating ongoing coaching for their clients:

“A financial plan does not do you any good if there is no follow-through. To ensure that your plan can work for you, we act as your financial coach to help you keep on track as your situation changes or as external changes require it.”


Consumer Reports / April 6, 2017

Solving Family Money Fights

Families built on love and understanding can crumble into rage and blame if fights ignite over money. Tobie Stanger rounds up expert advice for a range of thorny talks for Consumer Reports magazine, and Holly weighs in:

" while walking in a natural setting such as a park," says Holly Gillian Kindel, a certified financial planner with Mosaic Financial Partners in San Francisco. “Studies find people are better able to process information and come up with creative ideas while engaged in physical activity in nature,” she explains.


Newspaper Media Group / November 22, 2016

The Female Home Financing Advantage

Research shows that women are better than men at paying for mortgages; Holly is quoted in this article by Erik J. Martin explaining just why that may be.

"Women are much better at contemplating the repercussions of their actions... Women are more exposed to everyday stories and personal experiences of how a female friend or family member had to pull it all together and optimize limited resources. They know that 'happily ever after' is a myth perpetuated by a culture that wants to benefit from this fantasy."

Founder's Guide / November 15, 2016

Top 12 Finance Tips for Women in Business

Women entrepreneurs often undervalue their services or overextend their contractual scope, reports Jeanine Skowronski for Founder's Guide. Holly weighs in with tips for the savvy businesswoman, including this gem:

“Empowering others is crucial and loyalty is priceless,” Gillian Kindel said. “Celebrate wins, debrief on losses and above all, focus on what you want more of. Your employees and clients will see that you are special and you won’t have to worry about differentiating yourself [from] the competition.”

Nerdwallet / December 8, 2015

How Your Childhood Affects Your Financial Life

Holly Gillian Kindel on money scripts, and how a person's past impacts their learned money beliefs and financial behaviors.


Ann Lougue / June 9, 2015

How well are you managing your biggest asset?

Optimize your resources as the source of your prosperity: your career is the sum total of your time, talent and potential.


Conscious Finance / October 27, 2014

Find an Endorsed Financial Planner

Holly is endorsed by the site “Conscious Finance” as someone whose advisory practice incorporates both traditional financial planning and experiential counseling techniques.



Mosaic Financial Partners
February 2000 – Present

Delphi Coaching LLC
January 2007 – Present

Adjunct Professor
Golden Gate University
January 2006 – January 2012
Pro Bono Director - San Francisco Chapter
Financial Planning Association
January 2005 – July 2011

Honors & Awards

Outstanding Adjunct Financial Planning Faculty Member of the Finance & Economics
Department Golden Gate University
July 2007
Volunteer of the Year
Earned Asset Resources Network (EARN)
April 2005