Choose your own advisor: The Workbook

Choose your own advisor - with this free workbook, you can start on the right path.

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This ebook, designed as an interactive workbook, is packed with industry-specific research-backed questions to help you clarify your objectives, interview and compare prospective advisors, and verify a firm or planner’s fiduciary status. (It also features a checklist of recommended questions if you just want that part for quick reference.)

Hone your direction and enjoy your journey.

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One of the top questions we get asked by prospective clients is, “What am I supposed to ask when I interview you or any financial planner?” So we conducted industry research and surveyed the firm’s experience, and we came up with this workbook. Use it to interview any firm you’re interested in.


The path is what you make of it.

Included in the workbook:
  • If you just want a quick checklist of interview questions and nothing else, turn to the “Questions Quick-Sheet.”
  • Let’s look at why you’re looking for a financial planner. Are you clear on your must-haves and expectations when it comes to an advisory relationship? Take a look at the self-evaluation called “Defining Your Objectives.”
  • After researching firms and coming across a few you’d like to evaluate, reach out to top professionals at each firm, and use the “Two-Page Interview Form” to record impressions. And then evaluate pros & cons with the side-by-side “Comparison Chart.”
  • Before you make a move, make sure your top choice has your needs in mind by referring to the “Verification of Fiduciary Status.”
  • The workbook concludes with further resources to carry you farther on your search. 

Remember: The right financial advisor for you will want you to feel confident about your choice. The best client is informed and engaged!