Financial Planning

At Mosaic, we believe that wealth serves to help you meet your life objectives. That is why before we handle your investment portfolio, we make sure that your financial plan is clearly in line as well.

Everyone has aspirations - objectives that we may have had in mind even as far back as childhood.  A strong financial plan helps ensure your progress towards those goals. It also must fit your personal context.  We uncover key themes in how your finances relate to the rest of your life, so that your plan will ensure that you can get the most out of your opportunities and be prepared for contingencies.

A financial plan does not do you any good if there is no follow-through. To ensure that your plan can work for you, we act as your financial coach to help you keep on track as your situation changes or as external changes require it.  We view financial planning as a life-long process. Through periodic reviews and proactive inquiry, we strive to help you stay in control of your financial situation.

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Financial planning means something different for everyone, but its basic building blocks can be summarized by the acronym...  R.E.T.I.R.E.S.


retires_blocksR - Risk Management

Most of us don't like thinking about insurance, so all too often it gets pushed aside, and as a result, very often doesn't offer the protection you need today or for tomorrow. We do not sell insurance, but we do actively work with you and your agents to help you understand what you have and make good decisions regarding the full gamut of insurance (life, disability, health, long-term care, property & casualty, auto, boat, professional, umbrella, directors and officers).

E - Employee and Government Benefits

As an employee, you generally enjoy certain benefits, which can range from health insurance to stock options and beyond. Making the right decisions with complex issues and staying on top of them can be difficult. As you age, you will eventually become eligible for government benefits such as Medicare, Social Security and other programs - when do you start and which parts do you choose? We provide guidance, to help you make good decisions for you.

T - Tax Planning

We don't prepare taxes, but we do work closely with your CPA toward minimizing your tax exposure in your investment portfolio and in other areas where you may not be taking full advantage of opportunities in the ever-changing tax code.

I - Investments

We manage investment in a strategic, disciplined way, based on your goals and the financial planning we have done for you. By keeping your tax costs and investment expenses low, we help you keep more of what you earn and we help guide you so that your decisions are consistent and effective over time.

R - Retirement Planning

When will you be able to afford to retire with confidence? Retirement is a new phase of life that requires some getting used to, including how you spend your money and your time. We can help you adjust.

E - Estate Planning

While we don't draft wills, trusts and other estate planning documents, we can help you understand and be thoughtful about the key issues. This helps you use your attorney's time effectively.

S - Saving, Budgeting and Debt Management

The first rule in personal finance is to spend less than you make. Learning how to do that is often difficult. Our job is to coach you so you can attain your goals.