Financial Planning

At Mosaic Financial Partners, we believe that the real reason to build wealth is to provide for your needs and to support your dreams. A financial plan acts as your roadmap. We utilize the Mosaic Client Process to ensure you receive a comprehensive, holistic and customized plan focused on uncovering and achieving your goals. To ensure your success, we act as your wealth coach and thought partner to keep you accountable to your own dreams. Mosaic views financial planning as a lifelong process. This continuous involvement gives you the confidence that your goals are getting closer to becoming reality.

Financial planning means something different for everyone, but its basic building blocks can be summarized by the acronym RETIRES.

RETIRES no header.png

R - Risk Management

Most people don’t find out they are underinsured until it’s too late. Mosaic works with you and your agents to help you understand your current coverage and to make sure you are adequately protected. Since we don’t sell insurance we bring an objective view to the coverage you need. If you don’t have a trusted insurance provider, we can recommend a vetted one.

E - Employee and Government Benefits

Mosaic will help you review, understand and maximize the benefits you are entitled to from your employer or from the government. We analyze and help you make optimal choices about everything from stock options to Social Security.

T - Tax Planning

With our ever-changing tax code, many people unknowingly pay more than they might need to. Mosaic will work closely with your CPA to minimize the tax exposure in your investment portfolio and other areas where you may not be taking full advantage of opportunities.

I - Investments

We manage your investments in a strategic, disciplined way, based on your goals, financial plan and other factors. Mosaic focuses on finding the best combination for you of risk and returns. By keeping your tax and investment expenses low, we also help you keep more of what you earn.

R - Retirement Planning

Whether your dream is to retire, go work optional, take time off, start a new venture, or something else entirely for this stage of your life, Mosaic’s comprehensive approach will help you plan for your ideal future. And when you do make the change in your work or your lifestyle, it can require some getting used to. We can help make the transition a smooth one.

E - Estate Planning

Mosaic can help you understand and analyze key estate planning issues including trusts and wills. While we don’t offer legal services, we’ll work with you and your legal professional, helping to manage attorney time wisely, including planning for philanthropic gifts or other legacy items. We’ll keep many of your key estate planning and health care documents on file, and we encourage all clients to regularly update and notify loved ones of their estate planning.

S - Saving, Budgeting and Debt Management

The first rule in personal finance is to spend less than you make, but doing this is often easier to say than do. We provide wealth coaching to smooth out the rough edges so you can reach your goals. We’re also here to guide you, from college planning to real estate, elder care, and more.