Fee-Only Pricing

To be truly objective, we have only one focus:  You.  That’s why we are a fee-only financial planning firm. That means we do not accept product commissions, referral fees or kickbacks, and have no relationships that pay us in some other way.

We are also a fiduciary, meaning we have sworn to put your interests first, at all times.  

We have no incentive to actively trade your account or steer you into more expensive investments.  We simply charge you straightforward, transparent fees for the financial planning and investment management services we provide to you.

There is no obligation to utilize both services, although we believe we can serve individual and family clients better if we serve them in both ways.

In cases where the client is an organization or retirement plan, we offer only investment management services.


Financial Planning

A plan that addresses the multiple aspects of a family’s personal finances typically:

•  Costs $7,500 to $15,000

•  Takes about 6-12 months to complete

•  Generally involves 6 to 10 meetings 

Your fee will be based on the projected time required to develop your plan and will reflect the complexity of your circumstances. 

After the first year of initial financial planning, the monitoring and maintenance of your plan is updated as part of our ongoing relationship managing your investments. Beyond the first year, planning services are not typically billed separately.

Investment Management

Investment management fees are calculated as an annual percentage of the assets under management we manage on your behalf.

Fees, paid quarterly, are set at an annualized rate:

•  1.00% on the first $2 million

•  0.70% on the next $3 million

•  0.50% on the next $5 million

•  0.30% for amounts over $10 million

Our minimum annual fee is $15,000.