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Elizabeth Revenko, CFP, is a senior financial planner at Mosaic Financial Partners, a wealth management firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a financial planning professional, Liz is passionate about helping her clients live for today and build and protect resources for a thriving future. She uses her analytical skills and communication talents to explore complex situations so that her clients can have ease and clarity as they decide among the options available to them.  

She is a thinking partner for life’s twists and turns. She specializes in helping clients strategically build their wealth during earning years—and then simplify the complexities of using retirement assets such as Social Security, retirement account distributions, pensions, deferred comp, stock options, and Roth conversions. She has developed a firm-wide recommended portfolio withdrawal rate program after extensive research and analysis on retirement planning services.

Liz started her career teaching middle school, went on to earn graduate degrees in both business and economics and has held positions in global corporate finance, economics, and the nonprofit sector. In addition, Liz is an award-winning author of humorous mysteries.

She believes in empowering women to get connected with their financial decisions. She and colleague Mary Ballin founded Mosaic’s Women's Circles, monthly gatherings where women come together to ask questions, explore their relationships with money, and learn from each other’s experiences.


  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Women
  • Engineers/scientists

In The News

Business Insider / September 30, 2017

Beyoncé and Jay-Z bought their $88 million Bel Air estate with a little-known mortgage strategy anyone can use–but probably shouldn’t

A 2016 article Liz wrote for NerdWallet is referenced in this  piece for Business Insider on Bey's house. Interest-only mortgages can be a great tactic, but only for some of us. 


CNBC / August 11, 2017

Couples Aren't the Only Ones Overspending on Weddings

Weddings can be costly, and these hefty price tags aren't fun for the whole family. Often parents of the bride and groom pony up more than they mean to, which can be detrimental for their retirement nest eggs. As Liz told CNBC writer Kelli Grant:

 "Overspending now so that your child has to help you financially in retirement is not a gift any bride or groom really wants. If that happens, it's not a gift—it's a loan with heavy interest."


Forbes / July 31, 2017

34% Of Entrepreneurs Have No Retirement Savings Plan

Small business owners aren't planning for their futures; Liz contributes a tax-related tip to writer Kate Ashford's article about tips for the hyper-focused entrepreneurs who need to start thinking about their long-term financial plan:

“One mistake I see self-employed business owners making is trying to get their taxes down as close to zero as possible,” says Elizabeth Revenko, a financial planner in San Francisco, CA. “If your reportable income for Social Security is very low year after year, come retirement time, you may be forgoing a significant portion of a Social Security income stream that you could have benefited from.”


Investopedia / December 21, 2016

How to Give Tax-Saving Gifts Before the Year Ends

Gift stock; donate IRA distributions; give through a donor-advised fund; give 529 plans... what do all of these giving tactics have in common? Liz shares tax smart insights garnered from a recent Women's Circle. Originally published on the Mosaic blog


U.S. News & World Report / December 16, 2016

12 Money Moves to Make in 2017 to Retire Happy

The first step to a happy retirement in the future: committing to a financial resolution in the present. Maryalene LaPonsie outlines 12 practical actions you can take now to ensure a pleasant tomorrow, and Mosaic's Liz Revenko contributes quite a few ideas, such as diversifying your retirement income, ensuring that your retirement fund sources don't all carry the same tax.


Country Living / November 8, 2016

10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Like Our Grandparents Did

It's the most wonderful time of the year... and also, usually, the most costly. Writer Arricca Sansone lists cost-effective ways to deck the halls with holiday warmth that won't break the bank. Our own Liz Revenko shares insights, and memories of a certain mouse head ornament.


Investopedia / November 15, 2016

Finding Balance in Your Financial Partnerships

Fair isn't necessarily equal, but fair is fair. How do you reach an even keel when it comes to the financial aspects of your personal relationships? Liz shares insights garnered from a recent Women's Circle. Originally published on the Mosaic blog


Investopedia / October 11, 2016

Healthcare Documents You Need In Place Right Now

Liz outlines several incredibly helpful documents to help individuals prepare for compromised health. Originally published on the Mosaic blog / June 28, 2016

Ready for Retirement: 10 Easy Ways You Can Be Saving

Arricca Sansone outlines 10 easy ways to break down retirement saving into small steps, and Liz Revenko weighs in by providing  three of the easiest: don't waste your employee benefits, make spending painful by paying with cash, and plan ahead for windfalls (such as bonuses, raises, tax refunds, and rebates). Of unexpected cash, Liz says: "Learn to divide it into percentages for fun, for paying debt, building your emergency fund, and investing. That way you'll enjoy it and be responsible at the same time. This helps you learn balance in learning for today with saving for tomorrow."


NerdWallet / June 7, 2016

Interest-Only Mortgages Making a Comeback -- and Sometimes Make Sense

Are you considering refinancing to an interest-only mortgage? Liz wades in, noting the pros, cons, and history of the loan, in her trademark comprehensive style. Liz reminds readers to do their research and ensure that they are "taking a calculated risk with a product that fits their situation," while "mitigating the risk of being unable to refinance or afford payments down the road, either by paying down prinicpal or by planning to sell the home within a few years."

This article can also be seen on LinkedIn.

Nerdwallet / April 5, 2016 

6 Ways to Combat 'Bag Lady Syndrome'

Extreme anxiety over finances is common enough among women that it has been dubbed "bag lady syndrome". Liz outlined a battle plan that can help women unpack those bags.

This article can also be seen on LinkedIn, where it has garnered 12,000 views, 860 likes, and 60 comments.


Nerdwallet / December 9, 2015

Umbrella Insurance Can Protect You From a Financial Catastrophe

Things unexpected and absurd can derail your finances. Relatively cheap insurance can protect you. Here's the how, the what, and the why.

Morningstar / September 6, 2015

Is the 'Fourth Leg' of your retirement stool wobbly?

Elizabeth Revenko was quoted by John F. Wasik in this article about investors can no longer rely on home-equity growth as part of their retirement plans.

Originally posted on Morning Star.

CNBC / August 17, 2015

From 'buckets' to 'paychecks,' advisors explain portfolio tacks


Directions for Women / January 20, 2015

Why Are Women’s Circles So Effective?


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BA, Biology; Minor, Economics, Wellesley College

MBA, San Diego State University

MA in Economics, UC Santa Barbara

Certificate with Distinction, Personal Financial Planning, UC Berkeley


CFP® Certification

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