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Our best tips for some of the most often overlooked areas of personal finance.

Do any of these questions sound like something you've asked yourself? 

  • Do I have enough? How much do I need so that I don’t run out of money in the future?
  • What if something unexpected happens. Will I be ok?
  • How do I provide for my family and still take care of myself?
  • I’m really good at what I do—but I wish I could plug in a knowledge chip about finances.
  • I want feel more secure that I’m making good decisions with my money.
  • I want to believe I am doing something valuable with my time. I want to feel I’ve used what I know and what I’m good at to make a difference in the world, my community, and own circle of family and friends.

We women financial planning professionals at Mosaic want to help other women have answers to these questions. We are passionate about educating and empowering woman about their financial decisions.

And now, we have collaborated on a free ebook that has the key information you need to know along with our best tips for some of the most often-overlooked areas of personal finance. As everyone knows, it’s often thing you don’t know about that can derail a good plan.

And even if you don’t think you have a plan, you do have.

With this guide, we are helping other women have more of the tools they need to be on to financial freedom and a future filled with choices.

Download the ebook now. Help other women be financially savvy and give it to your friends and family! And, why not have one of the topics in our ebook trio be what you talk about with your friends at your next book club.

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