Each Mosaic Women’s Circle aims to get more women engaged in their financial wellbeing and decision making. Each Circle includes an education component to get participants on the same page, and a topical discussion, where the attendees can choose to share their own experiences, and everyone has an opportunity to listen and learn from each other. Conversation circles may include exercises and self-reflection. Participating in a Circle is a great activity to do for yourself, and with a friend. 

Our hope is that by participating in Circles, you’ll:

  • Expand your financial knowledge
  • Navigate money-related emotions and triggers
  • Explore new perspectives on building wealth
  • Make meaningful connections that can lead to impactful habits
  • Be better equipped to act boldly and purposefully
  • Enhance your ability to make wise decisions in the face of uncertainty

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HOW Circles Take Shape

A financial conversation for women is transformed into a Circle through the willingness of attendants to shift from informal socializing or opinionated discussion into a receptive attitude of thoughtful speaking and deep listening.

Refreshments, talking points, and actionable takeaways will be provided.


A bit about your hosts

Liz Revenko, MA, MBA, CFP®, CPCC, ACC and Mary Ballin, CFP®, CDFA® are financial planners and women’s advocates who believe that financial decisions should be aligned with one’s values.