Upcoming Women’s Circles: Values, Goals, & Money

Liz Revenko / May 9, 2018 / Women's Circles

I’m happy to announce our upcoming Women’s Circles! This will be a refreshing direction after spending last quarter on taxes. This quarter, we’re focusing on the intersection between your values, goals, and money.

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How does making effective financial choices start with understanding your values and goals? 

Clarifying your values—and setting goals based on them—can help you focus on the long term meaning you’re striving for.

And yet, many of us are reluctant to explore our values and set goals.

Perhaps goal setting has been ineffective in the past, what with missed targets and disappointment, or perhaps it has stressed the “shoulds” and “have tos” over the joy of working towards a goal. Perhaps the goal just wasnt that meaningful in the first place. 

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But values keep you motivated, and goals can be incredibly helpful targets for you to aim for. They give your life direction, which also provides a positive way of looking ahead and anticipating future needs, allowing you to focus on projected growth and wants.

Get ready for a few engaging financial life planning exercises to help you set the framework for effective goals based on what is meaningful to you.

Lunch is on us; all you need to bring is yourself and your questions.


RSVP today! Two dates, for two Bay Area locations:  

Walnut Creek: Thursday, June 7



San Francisco: Wednesday, June 13


The Circle will include time for education, personal reflection, and discussion.

At 1:30 pm, you’ll be back in your regularly scheduled day, having learned a few wise and actionable ideas about your values, goals, and money.



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