Upcoming Women’s Circles: The Tax Code Show

Liz Revenko / Feb 2, 2018 / Women's Circles

Everyone I’ve told about our upcoming Women’s Circles responds the same way.

I tell them we’re spending time on discussing taxes, and they say,  “Ooh, I need that.”



Q1 2018 Women's Circles blog image - the tax code show.pngIt's not the greatest show on earth, per se, but the topic of tax planning is a definite “need to know.”

Now is a great time to gain clarity over your information.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has just been passed, and you need to understand what it means for your situation.

We’ll spend some time discussing key provisions in today’s tax code and how they may impact you.

There will be time for questions on the topics you decide are important.

We will also review the common forms used in a tax return and demystify some of the terms that we hear, like “marginal tax rate.” 

And what’s the effective tax rate, anyway?

Let’s find out over lunch.

RSVP today! Two dates, for two Bay Area locations:  


Mosaic’s East Bay office

Thursday, March 22, and 11:30 am




Mosaic’s San Francisco office

Wednesday, March 28, at 11:30 am 



The Circle will include time for education, personal reflection, and discussion. At 1:30 pm, you’ll be back in your regularly scheduled day, having learned a few wise and actionable ideas about taxes.

Grab your spot soon – space is limited.



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