Valentines Day relationship resources that last longer than flowers

Tired of giving the same old gifts to your valentine year after year?

Mosaic Financial Partners - Valentines Day Blog Post - Couples Communication - Passion Led Us Here.jpgSupplement the heart-shaped chocolates, red roses, and mylar balloons with an offering that displays a little more depth: financial literacy.

Hey, “balance the budget with me” doesn’t sound sexy on a card, but discussing and accomplishing money tasks can definitely bring you closer to your significant other. Doing so can help you weather life’s inclement events together.

In fact, talking about money can strengthen bonds in a range of partnerships. 

Here’s a short list of Valentines Day relationship resources for you to consider sharing with your loved ones. (If you'd like even more tips - for every stage of a relationship - download our ebook here.)

  1. Money dates
    When you can freely talk about finances on a semi-regular basis, you’ll feel a sense of deepened intimacy and trust with each other. 
  2. Money advice for young couples
    Newlyweds: reaffirm collective long-term and short-term goals, and consider your options.
  3. How couples can master financial balance
    Couples of any age or stage need to work together while recognizing innate skills that each person brings to the table.
  4. Better balance in all your personal financial partnerships
    Find your own balance first before you can recognize it in your partnerships. Self awareness via personal finance is not a myth.
  5. Money talk: why we need to, and how to get started
    Regularly discussing money matters normalizes the conversation while creating new bonds.


Mosaic Financial Partners - Valentines Day Blog Post - Couples Communication - Happily Ever After.jpg

You can definitely plan a romantic gesture for your loved one, but we recommend showing how much you care by developing stronger ways to communicate and work with your finances.

The best part is that these thoughtful offerings don’t have a shelflife. They don’t expire, or go flat—they turn into valuable building blocks. 


For even more tips, download Couples and Money today:



Originally published on February 14, 2017 , updated February 14, 2018.

Topics: Saving, Budgeting and Debt Management