Upcoming Women’s Circles: Values, Goals, & Money

Liz Revenko / May 9, 2018 / Women's Events

I’m happy to announce our upcoming Women’s Circles! This will be a refreshing direction after spending last quarter on taxes. This quarter, we’re focusing on the intersection between your values, goals, and money.

How does making effective financial choices start with understanding your values and goals? 


Circle Roundup: It's... the Tax Code Show!

Liz Revenko / Apr 19, 2018 / Tax Planning / Women's Events

Most people wouldn’t expect a discussion about taxes to be as riveting as a Game of Thrones marathon.

But then again, don’t you want to know what the recent changes in the tax code may have in store for your wallet beginning this year?

In our first-quarter Women's Circles series, aptly titled “The Tax Code Show,” we discussed a broad array of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of December 2017, so that participants could start to answer the big question: “How does this apply to me?”


Upcoming Women’s Circles: The Tax Code Show

Liz Revenko / Feb 2, 2018 / Women's Events

Everyone I’ve told about our upcoming Women’s Circles responds the same way.

I tell them we’re spending time on discussing taxes, and they say,  “Ooh, I need that.”



Circle Roundup: The Smart Guide to Charitable Giving Policies

Mary Ballin / Dec 21, 2017 / Investments / Women's Events

Tis the season of giving… and in our fourth-quarter Women’s Circles, aptly titled “A path to giving,” we discussed aligning our desire for giving to charity with our core values, covering ways to clarify which charities to choose, and ways to give that are a little better for everyone involved than just giving cash.

Read on for some great tips and interesting research rounded up from our recent Circle into a handy guide—and you’ll learn how to craft a charitable giving policy that you can rely on.



Circle Roundup: Investment Risk & the “Sleep at Night” Factor

Mary Ballin / Aug 25, 2017 / Investments / Women's Events

Another successful Women’s Circle rounded out our financial understanding. This time, the Circle focused on tackling investment risk in a way that is optimal to reach long-term goals while still feeling comfortable with your everyday choices.

Market volatility can feel hard to experience emotionally, even potentially keeping you up worrying at night.

This can be overwhelming.

Risk is taken every time an investment is made, but what is the right level of risk for you, as an individual?

This post rounds up a few key tools, terms, and takeaways shared by Circle participants that can help bring you clarity.



Upcoming Women’s Circles: Investment Risk Tolerance

Liz Revenko / Jul 11, 2017 / Women's Events

You take on risk whenever you make an investment, but what is the right level of risk for you? It’s a financial decision, but you can’t ignore the emotional components.

Just how do you feel about risk, anyway?


Women's Circle Roundup: Beyond Estate Planning Documents

Liz Revenko / Jun 9, 2017 / Estate Planning / Women's Events

Estate planning enables you to guide decisions affecting your life when you are no longer able to do so. When you’re alive and able, you simply make your own financial and medical decisions.  Core documents for estate planning are wills, trusts, powers of attorney for financial affairs, and advance healthcare directives.

But there’s a big difference between you representing yourself and a piece of paper representing your wishes.

So what can you do to add greater understanding about your wishes—so that your choices and values are represented when you are no longer able to make your own decisions regarding your affairs?

In our recent Women’s Circle discussion series, we contemplated just this question. Here are some strategies we discussed to enhance your estate planning documents, including a helpful list of ways to communicate your wishes, with links to some handy templates to help you prepare. 


Save the date: May Women's Circles

Liz Revenko / Apr 13, 2017 / Estate Planning / Mosaic News / Women's Events

Now that your primary estate planning documents are hopefully in place, it’s time to figure out the messages, values, and vision that will be your legacy. And how to communicate your wishes.


Women's Circles: The Power of Personal Financial Policies

Mary Ballin / Jan 24, 2017 / Mosaic News / Women's Events

A lot of us start the New Year by setting resolutions based on goals we’ve been meaning to get around to achieving. You know the goals I am talking about: “I will lose weight,” or “I will save more money.” Unfortunately, every year, many of us lose track of such goals quickly because something derails us from committing. We have to ask ourselves: is this a goal that we really value and want to attain, or is it a goal because it is something we have been told we “should” do? The “should” goals don’t work a lot of the time because we don’t have the personal “buy in” that is needed to commit to change and actually make the goal a reality.

Then there are the times when our good nature is exploited by people around us. Are you the “go to” person when another donation is needed or when an event needs a chairperson? Everyone knows you will say “yes,” so they continue to ask, and you continue to feel more and more stretched and taken advantage of.

If you recognize either of these scenarios, you are not alone. There are many reasons why things like this may happen, but there is one solution we’d like to propose: craft one for yourself.

At a recent Women’s Circle participants learned how to craft a personal financial policy to have an established framework to rely on when it comes time to make decisions when you’re stressed, conflicted, or tempted. 


Women's Circle Roundup: Savvy Gifting Strategies

Liz Revenko / Nov 29, 2016 / Estate Planning / Women's Events / Women's Issues

Another successful Women’s Circle rounded out our financial understanding. Over lunch, we discussed savvy ways of gifting to charity, clarified the gift tax, and outlined ways to give to friends and family before discussing the more personal aspects related to both giving and receiving. This roundup is chock full of strategic tips from the Circle.

As we ramped up to the holidays, it was especially meaningful to hear how women of a wide range of ages and backgrounds felt about giving and receiving with grace, enabling each of us to learn what we needed from one another’s challenges and successes.


Helpful takeaways

Here are the smart giving tips that we talked about in the educational component of the Circle. Go ahead and share them.  Think of each tip like a holiday sweater: if one doesn’t fit you, give it to a friend who can rock the snowflake turtleneck look!


Save the Date: Lunch With Us at Our November Women’s Circle Series

Liz Revenko / Oct 20, 2016 / Mosaic News / Women's Events

Education is the gift that keeps on giving. This November, join us for lunch and a few lessons on gifting.

Womens Circles, Mosaics guided conversation groups for women, will start at noon and end promptly at 1:30 pm. Doors open at 11:30. A hearty lunch that can accommodate many dietary concerns is on us. 

Designed for navigating the end of year holiday season, our November topic is Giving—and Receiving—With Grace.

As the year winds down, the number of times Mosaic is asked about gifting ramps up. We receive questions about giving to deserving charities as well as to family members.


Women's Circle Roundup: Thoughts About Estate Planning Safety Nets

Mary Ballin / Oct 13, 2016 / Estate Planning / Women's Events

Another successful Women’s Circle series rounded out our September.

Over lunch, we discussed the top estate planning documents, also known as “docs that are underestimated until they are actually needed.”  We are proud of our participants, about the actions they planned to take after the discussion, and of what they taught us about interpreting the process of estate planning, and of financial planning for women in general.

Five safety nets that are not insurance:

  1. Will
  2. Trust
  3. Power of Attorney for Financial Matters
  4. Advanced Health Care Directive
  5. Master Document to Guide Your Survivors 

Do you need these? Not if you are okay with the plan that the state of California has for you. You also don’t need them if you are alive with full physical capabilities and the mental capacity needed in order to make financial and health care decisions for yourself—and if you know you will always stay that way forever.


What to expect at a lunchtime Women’s Circle

Liz Revenko / Sep 1, 2016 / Mosaic News / Women's Events

Our September Womens Circles, Mosaics guided conversation groups for women, are happening at lunchtime. Lunch will be on us. All you need to bring is an interest in learning more about how to protect both your health and your finances. (We hope you'll bring questions, too.) Our topic this quarter is The Big 5 Safety Nets That Are Not Insurance. 


Save the Date: Lunch With Us at Our September Women’s Circle Series

Liz Revenko / Aug 25, 2016 / Mosaic News / Women's Events

Coming up in September, were hosting Circles of a different shape: lunch and learns. Womens Circles, Mosaics guided conversation groups for women, usually occur after work hours. But it can be hard to make an evening commitment when commutes, children, dates, and the rest of life asserts itself. So our September Womens Circles will happen at lunchtime, and lunch will be on us - all you have to bring is an appetite. Come hungry to empower yourself through personal financial knowledge. Details follow. 


Mosaic Women’s Circle - San Francisco, June 9, 2016

Liz Revenko / May 31, 2016 / Women's Events / Women's Issues

You are invited to our upcoming Womens Circle in San Francisco.