In the News: Fancy yet Frugal Life Hacks

Mosaic / Sep 7, 2018 / Mosaic News

No one wants to look cheap, especially at an event, unless the aesthetic they’re going for is “intentionally tacky.” Similarly, no one wants to overspend. Where’s the happy medium?

When it comes to trimming spending in order to prioritize savings goals and other personal initiatives over keeping up with the Joneses, there are thrifty ways to engineer a stylish presentation without breaking the bank. 

Just ask our own Liz Revenko:



Spotlight on Client Advisor Mary Ballin, CFP®, CDFA®

Mosaic / Aug 14, 2018 / Mosaic News

Over her more than fifteen years with Mosaic, Mary Ballin, CFP®, CDFA® has become known for her gracious character and talent as a close listener who respectfully meets her audience at their level.



In the News: Children & Retirement

Mosaic / Aug 3, 2018 / Mosaic News

The July news roundup brings a wealth of retirement-related advice, from tips on discussing retirement with your partner to considering how inflation can impact your portfolio, and more.

The team has also been musing on children and personal finance this month, and several articles cite Mosaic on covering smart planning tips for expectant parents as well as tips for money matters that can crop up with adult children.


Read on for the thoughtful details:


In the News: risk, LGBTQ workplace inclusion

Mosaic / Jul 3, 2018 / Mosaic News

This month, Senior Financial Planner Steve Branton takes the Mosaic news roundup prize for appearing in two publications, discussing two very different topics.

Recent research notes that while American consumers are generally comfortable with higher levels of risk than they were in the past, they are still terrified of it. How does one navigate such a polarizing duality? 


If your business prides itself on inclusion, here are several small yet impactful ways you can let your employees know that it isn't just a platitude. 

Read on for the thoughtful details:


Newsletter: Here's the latest edition!

Mosaic / Jun 14, 2018 / Mosaic News

A new issue of the Mosaic newsletter, Effective Financial Strategies, is out now! 


What’s Inside:
  • Often, those planning for retirement think the right approach is what worked for their parents. Senior advisor Geoff Zimmerman explains the concept of investing for total return and how it can help ensure the highest possible retirement income at low risk
  • Lifestyle creep, otherwise known as lifestyle inflation, can have a real impact on your financial goals. Sheila Schroeder explains 4 effective tactics to reduce lifestyle creep, including how to reframe your thinking when it comes to increasing expenses. 
  • After spending the effort to create an estate plan, you’re going to need to be able to discuss your wishes and directives with loved ones and you’ll need to store your plan properly.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Mosaic’s founder Norm Boone has practical tips on communication and storage for your estate plan
  • In this issue’s spotlight article, we interview advisor Mary Ballin on her personal approach to financial planning and how earning the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® credential has enhanced her work.

In the News: New Grads, Crowdfunding, Social Security & More

Mosaic / Jun 5, 2018 / Mosaic News

Mosaic experts were featured in a range of publications in May, covering topics from crowdfunding to reverse mortgages. Among other gems gleaned from this news roundup, we learn that nearly half of Americans age 50 and over failed a 5-question true or false quiz on Social Security conducted by MassMutual, reports What other information are people missing?

Read on for bits of wisdom on retirement and other financial topics, including an overview of commonly-missed Social Security details, how to handle crowdfunding, why reverse mortgages might not be a good thing for the estate planning-minded retiree, and more:


Liquid Alternatives Outlook Panel [VIDEO]

Mosaic / May 23, 2018 / Mosaic News / Investments

Our own Principal and Chief Investment Officer Kevin Gahagan participated in a moderated panel for Asset TV on liquid alternatives. As liquid alternatives have saturated the marketplace, Kevin offered his expert point of view to illuminate what investors need to know.

It’s incumbent upon us to continue to provide that education, because the last thing we want is an investor making an uninformed decision.


In the News: Podcasts, Personal Loans, Planning Pieces and Grad Presents

Mosaic / May 1, 2018 / Mosaic News

Mosaic experts were featured in a plethora of media over the past month, from articles to podcasts to press releases. We're proud to note Mary Ballin's new CDFA® certification, bringing her personal passion ever closer to her professional aims. Geoff Zimmerman tackles his first podcast, pulling out all the analogical stops.

Sabrina Lowell offers tips on gifting graduates funds earmarked for a Roth IRA, Norm Boone weighs in on how beneficial professional organizations are, and more, in our link roundup:


In the News: Lending Adult Kids Money? And Mosaic Receives Top Rank!

Mosaic / Apr 5, 2018 / Mosaic News

Our monthly link roundup featuring Mosaic experts in the news has a surprise or two this month. 


Mosaic Newsletter - 529s, Liquidity Reserves, Money Conflicts, and More

Mosaic / Mar 6, 2018 / Mosaic News

A new issue of the Mosaic newsletter, Effective Financial Strategies, is out now! 


read What’s Inside:
  • Learn about what benefits nondeductible IRA contributions can have for high earners,
  • Find out actionable ways to save for college with a 529 plan,
  • Understand the differences between an emergency fund and a liquidity reserve, and what both can do for you in different stages of your life,
  • Read about 4 smart tips for established couples to better deal with money conflicts, 
  • And even more takeaways and actionable tips.

In the News: 401(k)s and Volatility, Startups Offering Retirement Benefits, Founders in Love

Mosaic / Mar 2, 2018 / Mosaic News

Mosaic experts were featured in financial news in February, weighing in on diverse topics, from benefits advice for growing startups, how market volatility really affects your 401(k) retirement plan, and how two founders find time for a full and loving relationship that survives on several coasts.

Heres financial food for thought from our experts, cited in publications ranging from InvestmentNews to the San Francisco Business Times. 


In the News: Student Loan Interest, Targeted Savings, Debt & More

Mosaic / Jan 5, 2018 / Mosaic News

Mosaic experts wrote and were featured in financial news in December, weighing in on diverse topics.

  • Much like cockroaches during the apocalypse, your student loan is highly likely to survive your filing bankruptcy.
  • If you attach emotional significance to a targeted savings goal, you're more able to keep to the habit of working towards that goal. 
  • Likewise, if you conceptualize a day in the life of yourself as a retiree, you will be more likely to plan a fulfilling experience once you exit the workforce.
  • Self-employed workers have far more benefits than just wearing pajamas to work.
  • Credit card debt is on the rise. This is not good. 

Here follows financial food for thought from our experts, cited in publications ranging from US News & World Report to Yahoo! Finance. 


Mosaic Newsletter: Political Turmoil, giving to charities efficiently & More

Mosaic / Dec 19, 2017 / Mosaic News

The Mosaic newsletter, Effective Financial Strategies, is out now! 

What's Inside:
  • Learn about what impact political turmoil has on the economy;
  • Find out actionable ways to give to charities with a little tax-advantageous advice; 
  • Meet our new investment-focused resident Zach Schlaht, and read about his passions;
  • Read about upcoming Women’s Circles;
  • Stay up to date on Mosaic advisors: their speeches given, conferences attended, and books read, with takeaways from each.

In the News: Property value, holiday spending tips and more

Mosaic / Dec 8, 2017 / Mosaic News

Mosaic experts wrote and were featured in financial news in November, weighing in on diverse topics such as:

  • how spiking property value can impact your homeowners insurance,
  • how to split a home’s value in a divorce,
  • why financial coaching is effective,
  • old-fashioned, frugal ways to celebrate the holidays,
  • holiday spending tips, and more.

 Read on:


How a hobby taught a teenager about money

Mosaic / Nov 15, 2017 / Mosaic News

By Cooper Phillips. Cooper is Director of Client Development Sheila Schroeder’s 16-year-old son.

Mosaic asked Cooper to write an essay because he serves as a great example of an intellectually-curious teenager taking initiative and learning about time, resources, value, and money management.

I’m currently a high school sophomore living in San Francisco. Between my time spent in class and participating in sports, I have been creating my own resale and restoration business, forging my own path to financial success.