Celebrating a Great Night with Sharon Meers

Mosaic / May 27, 2016 / Mosaic News

We had a successful event with Sharon Meers, co-author of Getting to 50/50. Sharon's talk on achieving balance in relationships of all kinds provoked further thoughts and discussion about sharing the journey and solving the problem—together.


Sharon speaks to a full house on parity in relationships at the Olympic Club on May 24.



Further the Conversation


At Mosaic, we believe in the value of having conversations about money with the important people in your life. The first step in getting to 50/50 is determining whats most important to you, and your partner, and what your combined vision looks like. We understand that sometimes this can be difficult. So to get you started, below are two worksheets our clients have found helpful. They are quick and easy to fill out, and we think you’ll enjoy what you and your partner find out about yourselves and one another. To facilitate the discussion, wed be happy to schedule a 30 minute call. 

Personal Insights about Life Balance Worksheet

Life Transition Survey






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