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Mosaic_in_the_news_lower_M.pngMosaic experts wrote and were featured in financial news in December, weighing in on diverse topics.

  • Much like cockroaches during the apocalypse, your student loan is highly likely to survive your filing bankruptcy.
  • If you attach emotional significance to a targeted savings goal, you're more able to keep to the habit of working towards that goal. 
  • Likewise, if you conceptualize a day in the life of yourself as a retiree, you will be more likely to plan a fulfilling experience once you exit the workforce.
  • Self-employed workers have far more benefits than just wearing pajamas to work.
  • Credit card debt is on the rise. This is not good. 

Here follows financial food for thought from our experts, cited in publications ranging from US News & World Report to Yahoo! Finance. 

US News & World Report

5 Things Grads Should Know About Student Loan Interest

According to a recent study, most college students don’t understand how loan interest or capitalization works. This comprehensive article by Farran Powell ends with a word of warning from George Galat V:

Even if you have filed bankruptcy, generally speaking, your student loan will still be waiting for you on the other side.


Planning Financially for Life's Major Moments

Sheila Schroeder wants you to be present for every milestone moment that pops up in your life, without having to incur sudden debt that dings a credit card or eats into an emergency fund.

We syndicated the article to Investopedia, and they liked it so much it syndicated to Nasdaq and MSN; it originally published on the Mosaic blog


Individual 401(k) or SEP IRA: Which is Better?

Liz Revenko dives into retirement planning perks for the self-employed among us. Besides setting the dress code at jammies,” you can contribute to the retirement vehicle of your choice. She outlines the pros and cons of your top options, and offers a few suggestions along the way. 

Note: pajamas are optional. Originally posted on the Mosaic blog



9 New Years resolutions for the nearly retired

If youre planning to retire in 2018, Alessandra Malito's roundup of retirement advice for MarketWatch might serve you well as a list of New Years resolutions. Liz contributes the very first: make a plan for what to do with your free time, before you retire.  

Liz Revenko, senior financial planner at Mosaic Financial Partners, suggests mapping out a standard week in retirement—write out what your seven days, morning through night, will look like, adding activities you enjoy and people you like being with. “Resolve to plant seeds now to step into a vibrant retirement, rich with purpose and choice,” she said.

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Jacksonville Business Journal

Credit card debt on the rise

The biggest contributors to credit card debt are spending on unnecessary purchases, non-medical emergency services, medical expenses, and credit card debt itself, which generates close to a thousand dollars in annual interest for the average household. When done right and responsibly, you can leverage your accumulated rewards to accomplish your goals without breaking the bank,” notes our own George Galat V.


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