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This month, Senior Financial PlannerMosaic Financial Partners - The monthly expert link roundup has a special illustration we always use, and it's this one! It's a range of "media" icons, from a bullhorn to a wifi signal. Steve Branton takes the Mosaic news roundup prize for appearing in two publications, discussing two very different topics.

Recent research notes that while American consumers are generally comfortable with higher levels of risk than they were in the past, they are still terrified of it. How does one navigate such a polarizing duality? 


If your business prides itself on inclusion, here are several small yet impactful ways you can let your employees know that it isn't just a platitude. 

Read on for the thoughtful details:


Insurance News Net / June 12, 2018

Consumers comfortable yet terrified of risk

It's not unheard of for the level of investment-related anxiety to reach soaring heights when anticipating falling markets after a long period of growth, notes Cyril Tuohy for InsuranceNewsNet. Steve, quoted in Cyril's piece on risk, has even coined a phrase to describe it:  the barbell syndrome. And it doesn't sound like a very comfortable barbell to carry:

That’s where the client, looking to capture gains before the window closes and the market falls, has too much exposure to individual stocks, but also keeps a cash hoard as a hedge against collapse.

“The person is in the middle and on either side are uneven elements,” he said.



Writer Ryan Neal offers a wealth of tips for fostering an inclusive workplace, and many of the suggestions in his article are cited to our own Steve Branton. 

From offering training and outreach marketing, to celebrating LGBTQ-specific events, and targeted networking with local advocacy groups, Steve's viewpoint takes both advisor and client into account.

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