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Mosaic experts were featured in a plethora of media over the past month, from articles to podcasts to press releases. We're proud to note Mary Ballin's new CDFA® certification, bringing her personal passion ever closer to her professional aims. Geoff Zimmerman tackles his first podcast, pulling out all the analogical stops.

Sabrina Lowell offers tips on gifting graduates funds earmarked for a Roth IRA, Norm Boone weighs in on how beneficial professional organizations are, and more, in our link roundup:

PrimeRates Blog / March 5, 2018

How to get a personal loan

Steve Branton cautions writer Emily Starbuck Gerson that personal loans are only smart financial moves for people with specific short-term, cash-need circumstances, who have the income to cover ongoing monthly payments.  Heres a highlight:

While you may be able to qualify for a loan with less-than-stellar credit, your interest rate can be extremely high — sometimes upwards of 30%. If you want to qualify for a low rate, you typically need a high credit score, generally 750 or higher, Branton says.

It’s also wise to add up your monthly rent or mortgage costs, any other monthly loan payments (like student or auto loans) and any monthly minimum credit card payment amounts, Branton says. Divide that by your monthly income to calculate your debt-to-income ratio.

“The lower the DTI ratio, the easier it is to both qualify for a personal loan and the lower the rate you will be given,” says Branton.


Advisor Perspectives / April 16, 2018

The Future of the FPA, the CFP Board, and the Organizations that Run the Planning Profession

After three decades in the industry, Norm has a seasoned perspective on the worth professional organizations (such as the Financial Planning Association or the CFP Board) bring to planners.

Boone believes that consolidation of message should be prioritized among the associations. “We have multiple organizations that are competing more than they are coordinating,” he says. “In marketing and in political advocacy, the organizations and their participants do not speak with a consistent voice. The result is confusion about who we are and what we stand for. The organizational competition keeps the organizations on their toes,” he concedes, “but it hurts us all in moving us toward the end goal of one profession, widely-recognized and highly-regarded.”


Absolute Trust Counsel / April 17, 2018

Financial Planning: The Pieces & The Big Picture

Kirsten Howe hosts Geoff on her podcast, Absolute Trust, and together they discuss the moving parts associated with life transitions and how financial advisors can help navigate them objectively, touching on other elements of financial planning, such as 529 plans and executive compensation. Because this is Geoff we’re talking about, listeners are treated to a few analogies along the way.

PR Newswire / April 24, 2018

Client Advisor Mary Ballin Earns CDFA® Designation

Mary is focused, always, on helping clients make equitable and secure decisions.

“I always say, during divorce, in the decisions that come with separating assets, every dollar is not created equal. A certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA®will make you aware of the tax implications and other financial impacts of settlement options that you might not have considered otherwise.”


NerdWallet / April 24, 2018

Need a Gift for a College Graduate? Consider a Roth IRA

If youd like to give the gift of financial literacy to a recent grad, show them the power of compound interest and gift them funds to open their own Roth IRA. (They'll have to open the account themselves, but it's still a powerful present.) Syndicated to SF Gate, among other publications.

Sabrina chimes in: 

[S]it down with your college grad to help open the account. Rather than an electronic funds transfer, consider writing a check — brokers such as Charles Schwab and Vanguard offer mobile deposit for IRA accounts — to make the event more significant, says Sabrina Lowell, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, advisor and chief operating officer at Mosaic Financial Partners in San Francisco.

“Give them a check to deposit so that it’s very clear that the account is going to be opened and funded,” Lowell says.


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