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Mosaic / Aug 3, 2018 / Mosaic News

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The July news roundup brings a wealth of retirement-related advice, from tips on discussing retirement with your partner to considering how inflation can impact your portfolio, and more.

The team has also been musing on children and personal finance this month, and several articles cite Mosaic on covering smart planning tips for expectant parents as well as tips for money matters that can crop up with adult children.


Read on for the thoughtful details:


Forbes / July 31, 2018

8 Things Financial Advisors Wish You Realized About Retirement

When it comes to planning for retirements, financial advisors have seen clients with good habits, and clients with bad tendencies. Kate Ashford presents a roundup of feedback from financial planners on what many people theyve encountered dont often realize about retirement. Kevin Gahagan weighs in, framing retirement from a longevity angle:

“Many retirees simply dont want to consider what extended old age may mean in term of lifestyle and expense. Today, in the absence of other client information that might influence our projections, our long-range planning assumes living to 95 or beyond. Better health habits and continued advances in medical science all play a part in this thinking. Early planning to consider future care needs and living circumstances is essential. The need for assistance and or care will arise.”


Policygenius / July 19, 2018

A Pre-Pregnancy Financial Planning Guide: Money Moves for Prospective Parents

Insurance blog Policygenius covers the need-to-know planning aspects for prospective parents, and Steve weighs in with further detail:

Child care, health care and education are three of the biggest expenses a prospective parent faces, according to Steve Branton of Mosaic Financial in San Francisco, California.

“Developing a policy for each as a couple is a must,” he says.


AP News / July 9, 2018

Can you afford to help your kid start a business?

Liz Weston reports for Associated Press on how parents have supported many a grown child's business, only to be repaid by endangering their own retirements and darkened family dynamics. Steve notes that estate planning can help lighten the relationships between siblings down the line:

Parents don’t have to make equal distributions to each child, but may want to consider accounting for money in their wills or other estate plans. If a loan isn’t paid back, for example, it could be deducted from that child’s inheritance, says Steve Branton, a CFP® in San Francisco.

This article has been syndicated to ABC News, SF Gate, Market WatchThe Washington Post, NerdWallet, and New Orleans City Business.


Investopedia / July 8, 2018

Retirement: How to Maximize Your Real Rate of Return

Returns after inflation are what matter. Writer Amy Fontinelle interviews Kevin on how inflation impacts a retirement portfolio’s returns; he is quoted throughout the piece and helps the reader walk through steps to understand the real rate of a portfolios return.

Forbes / July 5, 2018

How To Talk Retirement With Your Spouse

You've heard of movie dates, right? Money dates are just as beneficial to your relationship, and snacks are also encouraged. Mary Ballin puts it into context for Forbes, via writer Andrea Coombes.

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