In the News: 401(k)s and Volatility, Startups Offering Retirement Benefits, Founders in Love

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Mosaic_in_the_news_lower_M.pngMosaic experts were featured in financial news in February, weighing in on diverse topics, from benefits advice for growing startups, how market volatility really affects your 401(k) retirement plan, and how two founders find time for a full and loving relationship that survives on several coasts.

Heres financial food for thought from our experts, cited in publications ranging from InvestmentNews to the San Francisco Business Times. 

San Francisco Business Times / February 13, 2018

Local 401(k) startups aim to bring retirement benefits to startups, small business [Subscriber Wall]

When it comes to small business and startups offering retirement benefits to their workers, is the 401(k) broker-provider the next target rife for startup disruption? Regardless, Kevin notes the need for checks and balances:

“Employers at a smaller firm may not have an HR department or a legal department and they’re going to need to work with what’s referred to as a third-party administrator, this is the firm that will keep you on the straight and narrow,” said Kevin Gahagan, a principal at financial advisory [firm] Mosaic Financial Partners.


InvestmentNews / February 13, 2018

How do Financial Power Couples Survive Valentines Day 24/7? 

Norm speaks about what sustains his 17 year marriage to Linda Lubitz Boone, also a founder of her own advisory firm, The Lubitz Financial Group, in Miami. 

“For each other’s business, we’re more consultants-lite or just advising friends rather than being too involved. I think that helps to maintain a level of separation that spouses need on the work side, so that the marriage part doesn’t get interfered with. It allows us to be best friends, and eliminates the potential for problems if we were also business partners,” he said. 


MarketWatch / February 16, 2018

How Much of Your 401(k) Retirement Plan is Affected by Market Volatility?

Diversifying your portfolio combats volatitily, and is a strongly-recommended best practice for investors looking to take action against rocky market conditions. Another? Don't lose your long-term vision:

In most cases, U.S. stock funds will see the greatest declines, more so than international stock funds, said Kevin Gahagan, a financial adviser at Mosaic Financial Partners in San Francisco. Fixed income bonds are not safe from a decline either, given the potential for rising interest rates. Still, if accounts are well diversified, employees won’t see a decline nearly as bad as the market as a whole, he said.

“The key for retirement plan participants is to not lose their long-term discipline and react to current market conditions,” he said.


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