In the News: Fancy yet Frugal Life Hacks

Mosaic / Sep 7, 2018 / Mosaic News

Mosaic_in_the_news_lower_M.pngNo one wants to look cheap, especially at an event, unless the aesthetic they’re going for is “intentionally tacky.” Similarly, no one wants to overspend. Where’s the happy medium?

When it comes to trimming spending in order to prioritize savings goals and other personal initiatives over keeping up with the Joneses, there are thrifty ways to engineer a stylish presentation without breaking the bank. 

Just ask our own Liz Revenko:


US News & World Report / August 10, 2018

10 Ways to Live Frugally Without Looking Cheap

There is a wealth of ways to look sophisticated without leaking money, reports Maryalene LaPonsie for US News & World Report, and our own Liz Revenko sends the "strategic presentation" concept soaring with her story about the best wedding cake ever. 

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