New ebook! Financial health for every stage of your relationship

Love and money

You’re in a relationship; it has shaped the course of your life. Regardless of what stage your relationship is in, you’ll have to deal with money. Doing so can promote open communication, trust around money habits, and can lead to a positive experience around money conversations for both partners.

Whether you’re just dating, getting serious, moving in together, engaged, married for a while, or celebrating a silver or golden anniversary, you will have so many opportunities to better understand and share with your partner.

So I wrote an ebook to help you recognize and take advantage of such opportunities.


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I was inspired by my own journey to find my life partner to write about what I learned; as a newlywed, working to reach equitability and financial understanding with my husband, I’ve learned just as much as I have in my experience helping clients navigate similar circumstances.

This ebook will help you discover chances to consider how your financial management style meshes with your partner’s, find new ways to better connect your habits with your shared goals, and happen upon occasions—through small things as simple and unromantic as discussing a budget—to deepen the most important connection of all: the bond of your partnership.

More insight as to your partner’s money values can only be beneficial to your relationship in the long run.



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