Circle Roundup: It's... the Tax Code Show!

TAXESMost people wouldn’t expect a discussion about taxes to be as riveting as a Game of Thrones marathon.

But then again, don’t you want to know what the recent changes in the tax code may have in store for your wallet beginning this year?

In our first-quarter Women's Circles series, aptly titled “The Tax Code Show,” we discussed a broad array of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of December 2017, so that participants could start to answer the big question: “How does this apply to me?”


If you’d like some great tips and interesting research, rounded up from our recent Circle into a handy overview—shoot us an email at and we’ll send you a copy of the presentation. 

You’ll gain a little wisdom on an array of tax topics so you can follow up as needed with your CPA and financial planner. Even tax planning could use a little script help.



Circle Roundup - Tax Code show acronym de-jargonizerPart 1: Big Picture
  • Reduced federal income tax rates


Part 2: Changes to Exemptions and Deductions
  • Suspension of personal/dependent exemption
  • Increase of standard deduction


Part 3: Changes for Itemizers
  • SALT cap of $10,000
  • Mortgage interest limit reduction to $750,000 and suspension of HELOC interest deduction
  • Impact on charitable gifting
  • Suspension of misc. itemized deductions and PEASE limitation


Part 4: Other Tax Changes
  • Higher AMT exemption amounts
  • Doubling of estate/gift/GST exemption
  • Removal of alimony payment deduction
  • Disallowance of Roth re-characterization to traditional IRAs
  • 529 K-12 $10,000 distribution allowance
  • Kiddie tax calculation changes
  • Small business tax breaks


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