How a hobby taught a teenager about money

Mosaic / Nov 15, 2017 / Mosaic News

By Cooper Phillips. Cooper is Director of Client Development Sheila Schroeder’s 16-year-old son.

Mosaic asked Cooper to write an essay because he serves as a great example of an intellectually-curious teenager taking initiative and learning about time, resources, value, and money management.

I’m currently a high school sophomore living in San Francisco. Between my time spent in class and participating in sports, I have been creating my own resale and restoration business, forging my own path to financial success. 


In the News: Alternatives, elder care and retirement, millennials and credit cards

Mosaic / Nov 3, 2017 / Mosaic News

Mosaic experts wrote and were featured in financial news in October, weighing in on diverse topics such as:

  • How fear of debt may be holding many millennials back from properly taking advantage of the practical aspects of credit cards,
  • How Mosaic selects its alternative investments, and
  • How caring for aging parents may threaten an adult childs retirement.

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Ask an Advisor: Property Insurance and Rising Home Value

Kevin Gahagan / Nov 1, 2017 / Risk Management / Insurance

Bay Area property value is rising. And rising. Kevin Gahagan, CFP®, Mosaic’s principle and Chief of Investments, has practical advice for curious local homeowners with regards to how this may impact their property insurance, and a few words for dwelling coverage  with regards to Californias recent wildfires.


Market Watch 2017 Q3 - Mosaic’s Quarterly Market Commentary

Kevin Gahagan / Oct 27, 2017 / Investments / Market Watch

There was solid economic growth and rising values in markets around the globe in the third quarter. 

This trend held for all major asset classes—both equity and fixed income. In the US, both large and small company stocks generated solid returns for the quarter. This continued the trend seen so far this year and throughout 2016.

Given the more recent decline in the value of the US dollar, international equity returns have been even more robust than those in US over this period.


Further summary:
  • Domestic stocks performed well year-to-date. The S&P 500 Index (US large companies) and the Russell 2000 (small US stocks) rose 14.2% and 10.9% respectively.
  • Equities in the developed countries overseas enjoyed substantial gains with the MSCI EAFE Index (large companies) returning 20.5% while the EAFE Small Cap Index rose 25.8%.
  • Emerging market stocks have risen 28.1% over the last twelve months (MSCI Emerging Markets Index).
  • Domestic bond market returns faced a headwind of rising interest rates in 2017, yet still delivered modestly positive returns in most categories.
  • Economists expect moderate inflation in 2018. The Fed can be expected to continue raising interest rates while it also seeks to reduce its balance sheet. We believe they’ll do both gradually with care to limit  economic impacts.


More inside the issue, including a breakdown of current economic factors influencing the markets:

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Life is short: Build a milestone fund as a targeted savings account

Sheila Schroeder / Oct 25, 2017 / Life Balance / Financial Planning

My uncle died yesterday. He was 88. His funeral is in Tokyo, this weekend, and Im going.  Funerals are important. So, too, are weddings, baby showers, birthdays, holidays, graduations, family reunions...  All of these events are about celebrating life: past, present or future. They mark the high and low points in our lives.

My milestone fund ensures I’ll be able to fly across the world for my uncle's funeral in a few days, and I wont be dipping into my emergency fund or accruing sudden credit card debt I cant immediately cover in order to pay for it.

This article discusses 4 steps to build your own milestone fund, so you’ll never miss life’s important moments.

We've also got an infographic featuring tips for using targeted savings accounts to help you decide whether this tactic may work for your needs.


Effective Financial Strategies: The Q3 2017 Edition is out now

Mosaic / Oct 19, 2017 / Mosaic News / Investments / Financial Planning
What's Inside:
  • Learn about currency's fluctuating impact on global stock performance;
  • Find out actionable ways to teach kids about money management, including investing, with a little behavioral finance thrown in; 
  • Find out how an intrepid teenager taught himself about money and entrepreneurship through a hobby;
  • Read about tips to keep top of mind when it comes to property insurance and rising home value;
  • Get reacquainted with financial planner Steve Branton and his why
  • Read about upcoming Women’s Circles and other events;
  • Stay up to date on Mosaic advisors: their speeches given, conferences attended, and books read, with takeaways from each.

To read the new issue of Effective Financial Strategies, please click here


Teaching money habits for life: Turn older kids into money masters

Holly Gillian Kindel / Oct 13, 2017 / Saving, Budgeting and Debt Management

If your kids are older and missed out on crucial financial building blocks like those outlined in the first article of this two-part series, it’s not too late to start teaching your child about money management. Remember that Chinese proverb: “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

According to CNBC, young Americans fear student debt more than North Korea’s nuclear threats. This fear of debt carries over into consumer debt, which, as CNN notes, can keep an individual from learning how to use credit wisely. Teaching your child money habits for life can lessen such fear, replacing it with confidence. And teaching children about money can happen no matter what age your child happens to be.

So let’s plant that tree. Here’s how.


In the News: Savings Mindsets, Same-Sex Common Law Marriages, and More

Mosaic / Oct 5, 2017 / Mosaic News

Mosaic experts wrote and were featured in financial news in September, weighing in on diverse topics such as:

  • Changing your ‘savings mindset’ and paying yourself first;
  • Interest-only mortgages and how they might be good for Beyoncé, but might not fit your needs;
  • The murky legal landscape for proving a same-sex common law marriage, and
  • The steps financial planners take to double-check the details, stopping small oversights from turning into headaches down the road.

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Teaching your child money habits for life

Holly Gillian Kindel / Sep 28, 2017 / Retirement Planning / Investments / Saving, Budgeting and Debt Management

Teaching children about money and what it can do helps build crucial 21st century skills. Most education curriculum falls short in teaching kids about the basics, and sadly many parents don’t seem to have the time or skills necessary to address this crucial topic.

Still, without basic financial expertise and behavioral understanding, children run the risk of getting trapped on a hamster-wheel of debt that our consumer-oriented culture seems to conspire to enslave us.

Here’s how to give kids the edge they need to successfully navigate modern money culture.


Spotlight on Steve Branton, ADPA, CFP®

Mosaic / Sep 26, 2017 / Mosaic News / Life Balance

One of the core elements to Mosaic’s success is our team. Read on about how Senior Financial Planner Steve Branton, ADPA, CFP® shapes his focus based on passion and experience.



10 Tips to Help Retired Couples Use Money Wisely

Sabrina Lowell / Sep 21, 2017 / Retirement Planning / Financial Planning

If you’re like most couples, you’ve dreamed big together about how you’ll enjoy your retirement, but you haven’t really addressed the specifics of how you’ll turn those dreams into reality. A NerdWallet survey found that while 76 percent of couples saving for retirement say they’ve discussed general decisions such as what age they want to retire and where they want to live, 30 percent say they don’t talk about how much money they will need to retire.

Communication about financial matters is important throughout your married life, including when you’re ready to retire. As you approach retirement, your money dialogue will evolve. Now, instead of just saving toward retirement, you’re beginning to develop a strategy for how to manage ongoing withdrawals from your portfolio, understanding how you’ll spend your nest egg, and knowing what you need to do to ensure it keeps growing so that it lasts for your lifetime. Discussions will grow to include health-related planning, and preparation for the possibility of one partner outliving the other.


Navigating Retirement Together: Tips to Help Retired Couples

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, I’ve worked with numerous couples who were entering or navigating retirement. Here are the 10 most important lessons I’ve learned from couples who’ve retired successfully—meaning they have enough money to fund the lifestyle they choose, and a plan in place to sustain themselves financially for the rest of their lives.


Data Breach Protection: Credit Freezing, Credit Locking, and Other Tips to Monitor Your Credit

Norm Boone / Sep 19, 2017 / Investments / Life Balance / Financial Planning

The widely-reported Equifax data breach affected 143 million United States consumers. The breach exposed names, Social Security numbers, addresses, birth dates, and driver’s license numbers—all critical pieces of information used by identity thieves to impersonate people and conduct fraud.

Let’s break down what you can do to keep a close eye on your information, now and moving forward.


Initiate a Credit Freeze

If you have been the victim of a stolen identity, you know that the onus is on you to proactively prove that you are not responsible for the things that someone else did in your name. It is an arduous and painstaking process.

In light of the recently reported Equifax data breach, one action we recommend is to consider freezing your credit at each of the three major credit reporting companies. Taking this step will make it much more difficult for identity thieves to obtain new credit in your name. Here’s how.


In The News: Effects of the Housing Bust, Overspending on Weddings

Mosaic / Sep 7, 2017 / Mosaic News

Mosaic experts wrote and were featured in financial news in August, weighing in on diverse topics such as:

  • Keeping wedding expenses from spiraling out of control, 
  • Traveling on a budget, 
  • Navigating the aftereffects of the housing bubble, and
  • Practical tips for investors who want to dabble in risky leveraged ETFs. 

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Circle Roundup: Investment Risk & the “Sleep at Night” Factor

Mary Ballin / Aug 25, 2017 / Investments / Women's Events

Another successful Women’s Circle rounded out our financial understanding. This time, the Circle focused on tackling investment risk in a way that is optimal to reach long-term goals while still feeling comfortable with your everyday choices.

Market volatility can feel hard to experience emotionally, even potentially keeping you up worrying at night.

This can be overwhelming.

Risk is taken every time an investment is made, but what is the right level of risk for you, as an individual?

This post rounds up a few key tools, terms, and takeaways shared by Circle participants that can help bring you clarity.



Celebrating a great event with Jeffrey Kleintop

Mosaic / Aug 16, 2017 / Mosaic News

Recently, Mosaic hosted Jeffrey Kleintop, CFA and Chief Global Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab & Co, Inc, for an in-depth analysis and discussion of trends and events in the global markets and what they mean for U.S. investors.